17 April 2023

Benefits of personalized dog food

By Killian

Benefits of personalized dog food

For years, we have gotten used to buying food for our pets, instead of giving them leftovers from our plates. Today we see normal that there are specific foods for puppies, for adult dogs, the elderly, pregnant females and even formulated to help treat different diseases, such as kidney, liver or heart failure. But, lately, people have begun to talk about personalized dog food, an idea that is based on the fact that the nutritional needs of each individual are different and does not come with classifying them by age or condition. This option allows us to adapt a menu, exclusively, for our horse, but what benefits does it bring exactly?

In the following AnimalWised article we review the benefits of personalized dog fooddo not miss them!

Adaptation to the nutritional needs of the dog

There is no doubt that each dog is unique. Even being of the same breed or age, no two dogs are the same, since their living conditions, their personality, their tastes, etc. will vary. And all these factors can be reflected in food. For this reason, in personalized dog food, according to the data provided by the caretaker, an exclusive recipe is prepared for meet the nutritional needs of that particular dog, taking into account both the selected ingredients and their combination and quantity. Thus, their race, their age, their sex, their weight, their level of activity or their state of health are valued, with which it is possible to adapt the recipe to different allergies, sensitivities or food intolerances.

Made with quality ingredients

Personalized dog food is prepared by vets that they choose natural ingredients, especially meat and fish, since they must be the main components in dog food, since this is based on the contribution of proteins of high biological value. This protein can be accompanied by legumes, fruits and vegetables, in smaller quantities. Cereals can be omitted. Each recipe contains the exact amounts that each dog needs for its nutritional balance and all the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants it requires.

An example of this is found in barkina brand of personalized feed for dogs, made with natural ingredients, local and of Spanish origin. The recipes are tailored to each dog and are expertly prepared. In addition, in Barkyn you have free advice with veterinarians who are available to clients 24 hours a day. On the other hand, offering your dog Barkyn’s personalized food not only promotes his health, but also that of other homeless dogs, since for each purchase Barkyn donates a meal to Spanish associations.

The operation is very simple, you just have to enter the Barkyn website and answer a simple test to obtain the personalized recipe. The subscription is monthly and you can cancel it whenever you want. Remember that you can also consult with the brand’s veterinarians whenever you want at no additional cost.

Benefits of personalized dog food - Made with quality ingredients

health improvement

Better health is reflected both inside and out and does not refer only to greater resistance to disease thanks to a strengthened immune system, but also to more vitality, more well-being and a better quality of life, which can help to the dog to live more years fully and to reduce visits to the vet.

On the other hand, a recipe adjusted to the needs of each specimen contributes to avoid obesity and overweight, which are two conditions that not only have repercussions at an aesthetic level, since they directly affect the health of the animal, making it more prone to different diseases, as well as the aggravation of others. A dog at its right weight has a higher quality and life expectancy.

In addition, depending on the ingredients that make up the menu, we can take advantage of different benefits and prevent problems in animals that we know are predisposed, for example, to joint or digestive disorders. In this sense, we can mention:

  • Omega 3, which is related to a shiny coat and healthy skin, also has anti-inflammatory action, so it will help specimens with digestive, skin or joint problems. It also favors the functioning of the heart.
  • Peas are rich in carbohydrates and fiber, favoring the good digestive transitat the same time that they provide energy and contribute to the feeling of satiety, a good help for dogs that need to control their weight.
  • Chondroitin is well known for its effect beneficial on the joints and the development of cartilage, which is why it is recommended for puppies and elderly animals.
  • Prebiotics are food for the beneficial bacteria in the dog’s digestive system and contribute to the proper functioning of the immune system.

Good appearance of skin and hair

Good nutrition not only has a direct impact on the health and vitality of the dog. Good food is “seen” because it is reflected in the animal’s fur. Thus, a dog that consumes a quality menu will present healthy skin and a shiny, lustrous coatwithout a trace of dandruff.

Benefits of personalized dog food - Good skin and coat appearance

Less stool

When the dog is fed with quality ingredients, your body makes the most of nutrients, leaving less waste to dispose of. Consequently, the stools will be less bulky, better formed and will give off less odor.

Good intestinal transit

The previous point is explained thanks to the fact that personalized dog food it is better digested. The nutritional balance is also seen at the digestive level, since an adapted diet contains the adequate amount of fiber, as well as pre and probiotics that help the transit of food through the digestive system to be carried out in the best conditions, avoiding disorders such as loose stools or constipation and contributing to the overall health of the animal.

maximum palatability

With this term we refer to the appetite that food arouses in the dog. Typically in custom feed we will be able to choose the main protein, for example, salmon, chicken, lamb, etc., so that the base of the recipe will be the one that the animal likes the most, improving its acceptance. In other words, it will be easier for you to eat and you will eat better.

guaranteed freshness

Related to palatability, personalized dog food prepared shortly before shipment, with which it reaches the consumer much fresher than the commercial foods that we can find in supermarkets or specialized stores. This contributes to better flavor and less nutrient loss.

Benefits for caregivers

Finally, choose personalized food for our dog prepared by professionals saves us from having to spend our time choosing and going shopping the ingredients, prepare a balanced menu, cook it and clean it up. Of course, within a personalized diet we also find homemade diets, however, we must bear in mind that this type of menu must be prepared with the advice of a veterinarian specialized in nutrition in order to avoid nutritional deficits.

If we opt for brands like Barkyn, it is an option that offers the security of giving the dog quality food, perfectly adapted to its needs, without having to worry about anything else. Just ask, get recipes prepared by experts, receive at home and give it to our dog. Remember that you can cancel the subscription whenever you want, so we encourage you to try this type of personalized dog food and tell us about your experience in the comments.

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