20 July 2023

Bikini Types

By Killian

Bikini Types

From oneHOWTO we are committed to freedom when selecting what type of swimsuit you want to wear this season, and there is a lot to choose from. From the shape of the upper part, to the lower part, the designs, the accessories or the colors… The world of bikinis is suitable for everyone! For this reason, and to give you some tips, we have prepared the following article, with which you can discover different bikini types and some tips to know which one to choose. Are you ready to wear a bikini this summer? Here are some options!

Top: bandeau bikini

If we talk about types of bikini, we must look at both the bottom of the panties and the top of the bra. To begin with, we want to talk to you about one of the top models if you want to feel beautiful, be comfortable and not have strap marks from sunbathing. Its about bikini bandeaua super flattering option for the chest that you will find in multiple designs, but they all have the same pattern: they do not have straps.

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Top: triangle bikini

He triangle bikini It is characterized by having a triangular shape. Generally its strips are tied to the neck and sides they are laced in the back. It is one of the most used bikinis for its comfort and because it allows us to minimize sun marks. So if yours is get tanned With hardly any brand, this is the perfect option for you.

Bikini Types - Top: Triangle Bikini

Top: underwire bikini

One of the best options at the time To choose a bikini top is the underwire bikini, especially if you are looking for good chest support and total comfort. This type of bikini is very similar to bras that we use daily and help both lift the chest and give it a rounded shape. They are beautiful!

Top: balconette bikini

He balcony bikini It is another one that cannot be missing from your swimwear. As with this type of bra, the balconette gathers and hides the lower part of the chest, using a medium cup coverage, not full. It is one of the more fashionable options, since it provides support to the chest (even more than underwire bras) and, in turn, looks like a lingerie bikini, giving you a sexy and casual touch. It is ideal!

Bikini Types - Top: balconette bikini

Top: asymmetrical bikini

More and more bikini top designs are respond to an asymmetrical cut. This style of bikini will give you elegance and style, leaving a completely exposed shoulder, while they will only be supported by a single strap. The truth is that they are very flattering!

Bottom: classic bikini

The classic bikini bottoms are those that resemble standard panties. If your option is comfort, this is the perfect panty for you. Within this type of classic bikini bottom you will find many options: regular, high-waisted or the so-called river bottoms. All of them have enough coverage and they adapt to all types of bodies.

Bikini Types - Bottom: Classic Bikini

Bottom: Brazilian panty

The brazilian panty It is another of the types of bikini that is most successful. It is a panty that is apparently normal at the front, but narrows at the back, revealing part of the buttocks in a very flattering way. That is, the brazilian style is in between of the classic panty and the thong. If you want to highlight the buttocks, this is your bikini bottom.

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Bottom: thong or mini panty

Another option for the lower part is the thong bikini, a piece very similar to the thongs that you use in underwear. Its main characteristic is that offer little coverage on the buttocksso if you are one of those who want the marks or lines not tanned to be reduced to the minimum expression, this is your ideal bikini bottom.

Bikini types - Bottom: thong or mini panties

How to choose bikini

Now that you know some of the most used types of bikini, it’s time to know how to choose a bikini, so that you can highlight and stylize your figure, while feeling comfortable wearing your swimsuit. When it comes to choosing a bikini, you must take into account your tastes and your comfort, but if you are not sure if something is going to suit you or not, here are some tips for choosing a bikini according to your body:

Choosing a bikini according to your chest

  • Big breasts: For large breasts, the best options are the bra style, the bikini with an underwire or a V neckline, but it is better to avoid triangles. Likewise, matte colors or intense reds can be ideal for large breasts, rather than pastel tones. Test it!
  • medium breasts: Medium-sized breasts usually adapt well to any type of bikini. Of course, the triangle will make you a beautiful neckline.
  • small chest: The balconette, the bandeau or with push up may be an option for you. Likewise, you can give volume to the area with designs with ruffles, fringes or flights.

Choosing a bikini according to the hips

  • The hips will allow you to frame your body. If you want to accentuate them, choose a bikini with ruffles, ribbons or side ties, to enhance the area, as well as high-waisted panties. Bright and vibrant patterns or colors will also look great on you.
  • If your hips are wide and you want to avoid them being the focus of attention, you should bet on dark and smooth tones. She runs away from prints and focuses attention on the upper part of the bikini.

Choosing a bikini according to the waist

  • If your waist is prominent your curves will be accentuatedwhich allows you to play with different designs and colors.
  • In the event that your waist is more developed in the abdominal area, we recommend wear high waisted panties.
  • For those who do not have an accentuated waist, you can play with designs with laos, ruffles and fringes with which you will generate more optical volume.

Choose bikini according to your height

  • If your stature is rather short, yours will be the high waisted panties, so that they stylize and lengthen your legs visually. It is also recommended bet on soft colors and smooth or bet on designs with small prints.
  • If, on the other hand, you are tall, any type of swimsuit can play in your favor.

Choose bikini according to skin tone

  • White skin: Try to avoid bikinis with a pastel tone and bet on turquoise blue, olive green or red. You will look sensational!
  • Mixed skin: yours are prints, such as flowers or stripes, and bright colors.
  • brown skin: Dare with nude colors, pastels or white. Also with fluorescent colors that highlight your tan. You will succeed!

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