17 April 2023

Can cats eat tortilla?

By Killian

Can cats eat tortilla?

The tortilla is a very versatile food that can be made with different ingredients, but there is always one that cannot be missing: the egg. Cats can eat French tortilla, always in moderation and under supervision, but it is not recommended that they eat potato tortillas or corn tortillas, for example. This is due to the eating nature of the cat and the design of its body, so despite the fact that it is a food rich in benefits and nutrients, you should know that cats are not recommended to offer it lightly.

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Is the tortilla good for cats?

Can cats eat French omelette? The French omelette is made up of one ingredient: the egg. Eggs are a very complete and balanced food packed with quality protein and fatbut is it recommended to give a cat tortilla?

our cats they are carnivorous animals, they need the meat protein present in animal tissue to obtain the nutrients they need every day, since they contain essential nutrients that can only be found in this tissue, such as taurine, arginine or arachidonic acid. They also require fat, naturally present in meat, but they are poorly designed to take advantage of the carbohydrates that foods such as cereals, fruits, and vegetables have.

In this case we have said that the egg is a source of protein and fat, so in theory it seems that the tortilla is a good food for cats, but it is not so. It is true that it is better to offer tortilla than to offer any food rich in sugar, but the tortilla it can be something heavy or indigestible for some cats.

Even so, it can always be given from time to time in the form of snack as a complement to their usual diet, which must be based on a protein of animal origin with a percentage of at least 35-40% of the total food for the product to be of quality and to obtain all its benefits.

Can cats eat tortilla?  - Is tortilla good for cats?

Is corn tortilla good for cats?

In the case of corn tortillas, the composition changes, since corn is a cereal that is very rich in carbohydrates, so not a good food for cats. In addition to because they are not designed to be digested as they are with meat, for which we have commented in the previous section, corn makes it easier for cats to gain weight more easily.

Corn tortillas are not good, especially for cats who are prone to or are overweight or obese, as well as diabetic cats. Also, the corn tortillas are in the end processed foodsso they are not the best for cats, we repeat the importance of feeding them a complete diet designed and formulated for the feline species.

Can cats eat potato omelette? Something similar happens in this case in relation to corn pancakes, the potato is a tuber very rich in carbohydrates, so it is not advisable to give them potato omelette to the cats.

Benefits of tortilla for cats

The tortilla can give numerous benefits to your little feline, highlighting its protein intake and essential fatty acids that are easily absorbed by the organism of cats. It is also:

  • A mineral source: as iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium and zinc.
  • A source of vitamins: among which vitamin A, the vitamin B complex, vitamin D and vitamin E stand out.

Everything will help in the vital functions of small cats, improving their cardiovascular health, metabolism, enzymatic efficiency and blood coagulation, among other processes. is also a source of antioxidantssome compounds that reduce free radicals that cause oxidation of cells, thus slowing down aging and oxidative stress in the feline organism.

How can I give my cat tortilla?

The best way to offer your cat an omelette is to cook it with little amount of oil, no salt and no seasoning of any kind, as natural as possible. You can choose to add it to their main food or offer it at another time as snack only to see his reaction.

Do not give the whole tortilla, it is better that you break it into small pieces to facilitate its ingestion and prevent shocks or choking. In addition, it is advisable that you are close to your cat while testing it to assess possible allergic reactions and be able to act quickly.

Tortilla dosage for cats

What happens if my cat eats tortilla? If your cat likes tortilla, you should know that it contains nutrients and benefits for his health, but you should always give it in moderation, never offer a whole egg omelet and less first, except if your cat is a very large breed and the egg used is of a small caliber. Otherwise, a quarter is enough for younger kittens and half an omelette from one egg for adult cats.

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Side effects of omelette in cats

There are few side effects that can cause tortilla consumption in cats, and signs of indigestion or allergy may appear, such as:

worth noting the importance of the tortilla being curdled because if it is half raw it can contain microorganisms such as Salmonella and an enzyme called avidin that produces a biotin deficit is not deactivated. This enzyme belongs to the B vitamin complex and can cause symptoms in cats such as scaly skin, brittle and matte fur, and itching.

We will tell you more about Salmonellosis in cats: symptoms and treatment, in the following AnimalWised article.

Can cats eat tortilla?  - Side effects of tortilla in cats

Contraindications of the omelette for cats

The tortilla is not indicated in the cats with digestive problems because it is heavier to assimilate than its usual diet or a soft diet for cats, especially if it is cooked with oil or given corn pancakes, which are much heavier for its body.

It is also not indicated to give corn tortillas or egg tortillas to overweight cats, insulin resistance, diabetes or obesityfor promoting weight gain and in the second case, for increasing blood sugar levels that would worsen these metabolic disorders.

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