16 April 2023

Can dogs eat chickpeas?

By Killian

Can dogs eat chickpeas?

The taste of dogs for eating foods typical of the human diet is known by many people, but those who can really verify it are those who live daily with these little furry ones. Their insistence is enormous until they end up tasting them. Therefore, it is important to know which ones they can eat, such as chickpeas.

Legumes like chickpeas provide great nutritional benefits to humans, so you might think that it is also a healthy food for dogs. Even so, it is important that you check it before giving it to your dog. to find out if can dogs eat chickpeasthe benefits it brings to their health and how to give them these legumes without making them feel bad or negatively affecting their stomach, at oneHOWTO we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Can dogs eat chickpeas or not?

Dogs can eat legumes as is the case with chickpeas. It is recommended that you eat them as it is a food rich in fiber and is loaded with nutrients, thus helping your stomach fill up easily. The chickpeas They provide reinforcing proteins and they are also an effective treatment when they suffer from diarrhea, contributing to the volume of minerals and fibers increasing considerably.

However, chickpeas should be a unusual food for the dogs. When you give this food to your little furry, the amount must be small. The main reason is that they digest them with difficulty and cause gas. In addition, in some cases, the flavor of these legumes they are not excited especially.

It is important that cook the chickpeas well before giving them to your dog and that they are not too hot. This way, they will be soft and your stomach will be able to digest them easily. On the other hand, you should avoid eating chickpea hummus and canned chickpeas, since the latter usually contain preservatives that are quite harmful to their digestive system.

Can dogs eat chickpeas?  - Can dogs eat chickpeas or not?

Benefits of chickpeas for dogs

Adequate consumption of chickpeas for dogs provides them with the following nutritional benefits:

  • They are rich in protein: a very beneficial property and contributes to your dog’s good health. Even so, it is important that you remember that these proteins cannot replace those of animal origin in canine food.
  • Chickpeas contain fiber and nutrients: It makes feeding your furry little one easier, helping him to be satiated earlier and, in this way, to eat less.
  • They provide a series of additional benefits: The intake of these legumes improves the health of the cells, the coat of the dog and its muscles.
  • They are regulatory foods: If your furry friend has constipation or liquid stool problems, eating chickpeas will help him regulate his transit. In addition, they provide benefits for the health care of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Increase the variety of food: Giving a small amount of chickpeas to your dog, mixed with his usual food, is a good way to reward him with a different flavor to the food. You can even combine it to make it more attractive, but always being very careful with the portion of chickpeas you give it.
  • Reduced risk of diabetes: Its contribution of carbohydrates contributes to the regulation of blood glucose. Therefore, they help reduce the chances of suffering from diabetes.
Can dogs eat chickpeas?  - Benefits of chickpeas for dogs

How to give chickpeas to my dog

If you want to give your dog chickpeas, it is essential that you cook them beforehand and give them whole or crushed. For cooking, you prepare them without salt and without any other type of addition, that is, only with water. Besides, they should be very soft and let them cool for a few minutes before you eat them.

The chickpeas should be natural and cooked by yourself. If you buy them by the can, they will contain preservatives and other issues like sodium. You can also give your little furry chickpeas from a boat, but wash them beforehand several times to make sure they don’t remove all preservatives and additives that contain.

In addition to cooking these legumes without seasonings and giving them in small quantities, in oneHOWTO we give you other recommendations to give your dog chickpeas:

  • Whole or crushed chickpeas mixed with vegetables and an animal protein.
  • Whole or crushed chickpeas form of rewardthat is, as a reward for good behavior or for doing a good deed.
  • you can even replace conventional flour with chickpea flour if you want to prepare some recipes for your dog that include this ingredient.

In any case, it is important to remember that the inclusion of chickpeas in the canine diet should be done through specific home recipes. It is not a food that your dog should consume frequently. If you have any doubts about the convenience of its intake in the body of your furry friend or in the event of an adverse reaction, go immediately to the vet.

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