17 April 2023

Can dogs eat pineapple?

By Killian

Can dogs eat pineapple?

Pineapple is one of the fruits preferred by many people around the world for its exquisite and refreshing flavor. As you will have seen if you live with one, dogs love to try or eat foods typical of the human diet and pineapple is no exception, since for them it is a delicious delicacy, but before giving it to them it is important that you be clear about its convenience of its consumption in dogs.

And it is that dogs can become very eater regardless of the size they have and the breed they are. Therefore, the diet of your furry little one must be healthy and balanced, an aspect that you must control and that will always be under your responsibility. Only in this way will you ensure that their health does not suffer. to find out if can dogs eat pineapplethe benefits of this fruit for the canine organism and more details about it, in oneHOWTO we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Can dogs eat pineapple or not?

Dogs yes they can eat pineapple, But not in any way. As with other fruits, It is not a food that you should give frequently, so the best option is to give it moderately. That is, as a complement to your diet.

Keep in mind that feeding dogs should be rich in protein and fat, some components obtained mainly from meat and fish. Even so, your little furry’s diet also needs to include enough vitamins and fiber for good healthbeing some elements found in fruits.

Moderation is essential because fruits are rich in sugarsbeing harmful to dogs if they consume them daily.

From oneHOWTO we teach you how to choose a pineapple.

benefits of pineapple for dogs

The consumption of pineapple brings a series of benefits to your dog. They are the following:

  • Increased defenses: Pineapple is an excellent source of folic acid, an essential vitamin for strengthening the immune system of dogs.
  • Contributes to blood circulation: It has anticoagulant properties that help to significantly improve blood circulation. In addition, they prevent hypertension and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Rich in water: It is one of the fruits that has the most water in its composition. For this reason, pineapple is ideal for cooling dogs in summer and avoiding dehydration, one of the main causes of dreaded heat strokes.
  • Contains essential nutrients: antioxidants, potassium, vitamins and minerals such as magnesium that contribute to the strengthening of bones.
  • Pineapple provides bromelainan enzyme that helps digest proteins, that is, the essential base of a canine diet.
Can dogs eat pineapple?  - Benefits of pineapple for dogs

How to give pineapple to my dog

Knowing that you can give pineapple to your little furry, it is important that you know how you should give the fruit so as not to put your health at risk. Remember that fruit is only a complement to canine food, that is, it does not constitute the basis of its diet.

Ideally, the set of fruits consumed as pineapple represents 15% of the global food count. Therefore, you can offer it as an occasional small treat or as a reward.

In oneHOWTO we give you the following recommendations on how to give pineapple to your dog:

  • Pick the best pineapple. This factor is important because it will help you to peel the fruit in the simplest way. Choose a ripe one, recognizing it by its orange tones and the deep green color of the leaves.
  • On a table to make it more comfortable for you, cut the pineapple with a sharp knife. Knock down the pineapple and, holding the base with one hand, use the other to cut the stem of leaves.
  • Repeat the procedure and cut the bottom of the pineapple. Avoid making a cut that is too thick, otherwise you’ll be wasting some of the fruit.
  • After cutting both ends of the pineapple, you stand it upright to peel it. Cut the peel into stripsi.e. from top to bottom.
  • if you notice black dots on the pulp of the pineapple, you can eliminate easily making direct cuts or even with a potato peeler.

When you have the pineapple ready, taste it to see if it tastes sweet, since your furry friend will reject it if it turns out to be bitter. Later, you cut it into small pieces to take with you on walks, being able to give them as a prize or to hydrate. Offer pineapple to your dog 3 times a week maximumvarying it with other fruits.

Disadvantages of giving pineapple to your dog

Pineapple juice is not recommended for dogs, so you should avoid giving it to yours since in this way it is very concentrated. You should also not give pineapple juice processed by the added ingredients It contains such as extra doses of sugar and preservatives.

You don’t need to add honey, sugar or any other type of sweetener in the pieces of fruit offered to your little furry. The natural pineapple will be enough for him. And it is that it is a fruit with a considerable amount of sugar, even more than others recommended for dogs. Controlling this consumption is very importantjust like avoiding giving him pineapple juice.

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