17 April 2023

Can rabbits eat corn?

By Killian

Can rabbits eat corn?

Rabbits are herbivorous animals whose diet is based on the consumption of vegetables. However, it is important to know that not all products of plant origin are suitable for this species. Hay, leafy greens and feed should be part of the rabbit’s regular diet, while other foods such as grains should only be offered occasionally.

In this AnimalWised article we will focus on one of the most consumed cereals in the world: corn, corn or corn. If you are wondering if rabbits can eat corn or not, Do not hesitate to join us in the following article, in which we will talk in more detail about this cereal in the diet of rabbits.

Is corn or corn good for rabbits?

All grasses, including maize (Zea mays), they are edible for rabbits, since they do not contain any compound that is toxic to your body. However, the fact that corn is edible for rabbits does not mean that it is a particularly beneficial food for your health. In the following sections, we will tell you more about the pros and cons of including this cereal in the diet of rabbits.

Does corn or corn bring benefits to rabbits?

The ration of rabbits raised for meat production usually contains cereals. Corn is one of the most frequently used cereals for this purpose, since it favors the fattening or weight gain of rabbits and improves the quality of their meat. However, in companion animals, the diet must be designed taking into account aspects that are very different from those considered in production animals.

Rabbits raised as pets must have a diet based on three fundamental pillars:

  • Hay (80%)
  • The feed (5%)
  • Fresh food (15%)

The Cereals such as corn should not be part of the usual diet of pet rabbits, since they contain high levels of starch and sugars, which can alter the intestinal microbiota and favor the appearance of overweight. For this reason, cereals such as corn must be offered in a very limited way; a good option can be supply it occasionally as a reward.

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How to give corn to my rabbit?

As we have seen, corn or corn is a food that rabbits can consume occasionally. However, not all presentations of this food are suitable for rabbits. In this section, we solve some questions to better understand how corn or corn can be offered to rabbits.

  • Can rabbits eat corn leaves? Yes actually, the best option is to offer them only the leaves of the cob Its high fiber content and lower starch content make corn husks a healthier and more beneficial option than the corn kernels themselves. Before offering them to your rabbit, be sure to wash them with plenty of water to remove any possible contaminants or pesticides. If you prefer, you can cut the leaves into thin strips to make them easier to eat.
  • Can rabbits eat ears of corn? Although it is possible to offer the whole ear, corn husks for rabbits are a better option, as we have explained in the previous paragraph.
  • Can rabbits eat raw or cooked corn? Naturally, rabbits consume all food fresh. Therefore, as you can guess, it is best to offer them uncooked corn husks.
  • Can rabbits eat corn tortillas? The truth is that no. Corn tortillas are processed foods that, in addition to corn, usually include other ingredients such as salt, oils, spices, and additives. Therefore, it is preferable to keep this type of product away from our rabbits.
Can rabbits eat corn?  - How to give corn to my rabbit?

Dosage of corn for rabbits

As we have explained, corn should not be part of the regular diet of rabbits, although it is a food that can be offered occasionally, as a prize or reward. For example, a couple times a month can be offered 1-2 corn husks (in the case of small-medium breeds) or 2-3 sheets (in the case of large breeds).

Side effects of corn for rabbits

The supply of corn or corn can cause a series of damages to the health of rabbits, especially if it is administered regularly or in large quantities. Some of the changes it can cause are:

  • Alterations in the pH of the cecum.
  • gut dysbiosis (alteration of the beneficial microbiota of the intestine).
  • Diarrhea and gas.
  • Obesity or overweight.

Corn contraindications for rabbits

Although the contribution of corn in small quantities and occasionally is not harmful to rabbits, there are certain situations in which its contribution can be counterproductive, such as:

  • In obese or overweight rabbits.
  • In rabbits especially sensitive to diet changes.
  • In rabbits with chronic gastrointestinal pathologies.

We insist, hay is the most important food for rabbits. Consult in this post which is the best hay for rabbits.

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