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23 May 2023

Can cats eat chayote?

Chayote, also known as cayote or air potato, is a vegetable native to tropical and subtropical areas. Its cultivation is practically non-existent in Europe, however, it is part of the traditional gastronomy of many countries in Central America, China and India. But do you know if cats can eat chayote or not? If you want to find out, join us in the following AnimalWised article, […]

20 May 2023

Can cats eat tomato?

The tomato is the fruit of the tomato plant, a plant of the Solanaceae family. Although its cultivation began in Peru, currently the tomato is one of the most widely distributed vegetables in the world, as it is part of the gastronomy of almost all countries. But what about our cats? Is it true that they can eat tomato? If you want to find out, […]

18 May 2023

Forbidden foods for nymphs

The nymphs are granivorous birds that must have a very varied diet that includes foods such as: feed, fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, legumes, sprouts, etc. However, there are certain foods that are toxic or harmful to the organism of these birds and, therefore, should never be part of their diet. If you want to know which foods should not be used as food for nymphs, […]

17 May 2023

What do nymphs eat?

The nymphs are granivorous birds that base their diet on the consumption of seeds. When these animals are kept in captivity, it is important to offer them a varied and balanced diet that not only covers their nutritional needs, but also stimulates them mentally and sensorially. Do you want to discover what do nymphs eat? If so, do not hesitate to join us in the […]

11 May 2023

What do donkeys eat?

Donkeys are animals that are related to horses and zebras, so they also belong to the Equidae family. Over time there have been taxonomic controversies regarding the scientific name, but now there is a certain consensus and it is established that the African wild ass (equus africanus) gave rise to the domesticated form we know as the donkey (Equus africanus asinus), being considered a subspecies. […]

28 April 2023

Can cats eat coconut?

It is normal for people to share food as a sign of familiarity and affection. When an animal lives in the home, this distribution usually includes it. Thus, caregivers feel happy when feeding their cat, especially if it is asking. It is an understandable habit, but it can be dangerous if the food we choose is not suitable for cats or we give it an […]

28 April 2023

The best grain-free feed for cats

Cereals are an important source of digestible carbohydrates. Cats have the necessary digestive enzymes to break down these digestible carbohydrates into sugars, which are a great source of energy for the body, and the main source of energy for some tissues (such as the brain and red blood cells). For this reason, diets with cereals, as long as they are well formulated and balanced, are […]

24 April 2023

Is chicken broth for dogs good?

Chicken is a star ingredient in the diet of dogs. It provides proteins of high biological value and its fat content is considerably lower than that of other meats. But what about the chicken broth? Is it just as beneficial for our dogs? If you want to find out, don’t miss the following AnimalWised article in which we will explain whether chicken broth for dogs […]

21 April 2023

What to feed a 3 month old puppy?

When we adopt a puppy there are many questions that can arise. What do we need for his care, when should we take him to the vet and, above all, what do we have to feed him. Food is a fundamental pillar for the health and well-being of all animals, hence its importance. But, in addition, in the puppy stage there is very rapid growth […]

21 April 2023

Can cats eat sausages?

Sausages are foods made primarily from meat and fat. Bearing this in mind and knowing that cats are carnivorous animals, we could assume that sausages are suitable foods for our pet cats. But is this true? Or are sausages among the foods that cats cannot eat? If you want to find out, do not hesitate to join us in our AnimalWised article, in which we […]