28 April 2023

Cold Girl Makeup: what it is and how to do this trendy makeup

By Killian

Cold Girl Makeup: what it is and how to do this trendy makeup

Makeup creates a trend from generation to generation and is what, in part, defines the way of seeing beauty at all times. In the past, sixties makeup and hippie styles were installed in society, making it a mark in the world of aesthetics. However, today with the arrival of social networks and platforms such as Instagram or Tik Tok, the truth is that all tastes at an international level reach much faster and penetrate more deeply and that is why in the same year we can experience several trends that sweep among people of all ages.

Specifically, when the cold arrives and the temperatures drop, this year a trend has been seen that highlights and imitates the sensation of cold on the skin. That is why in this new OneHOWTO article we are going to talk in depth about Cold Girl Makeup: what it is and how to do this trendy makeup.

What is Cold Girl Makeup?

Have you ever gone skiing or walking in the snow? Surely after a few hours outdoors, when you have looked at yourself in a mirror again, you have seen your skin pale but with nice subtle pink markings on nose and cheeks result of sensitivity to cold. This, precisely, is the effect that the Cold Girl wants to achieve, a makeup style that has a all natural finish but whose technique must be known so as not to appear an artificial and exaggerated effect.

This Cold Girl effect wants to make it look like when your skin is more radiant on cold days but without burning or being really sensitive. That is why a pink blush is usually used that covers the part of the nose and the upper part of the cheeks. In this way, it contrasts with the pale eyeliner and shadow and gives a careful and wintery nude look. This style has become very fashionable on social networks and seems to be a trend during the cold months.

Cold Girl Makeup: what it is and how to do this trendy makeup - What is Cold Girl Makeup

Products to do the Cold Girl Makeup

As we said, Cold Girl makeup should look and appear with a very natural finish and almost without seeming so. However, for this you must use a technique that works and does not give the sensation of being neither very colored nor very neutral. For this, the best thing is to have the right products and that is why we are going to specify them below and explain why they are important:

  • Primer or moisturizing base: Maintaining healthy and hydrated skin is essential to be able to wear any type of makeup and have a healthy and youthful appearance for longer.
  • Makeup or foundation of neutral color: In the same way that in summer you can make the mistake of choosing a base that is too dark, in the case of Cold Girl you should not go overboard with a very pale tone. Always choose the most natural shade that best suits you.
  • Rouge: It is the base of this makeup, a gradual pink tone that will give that sweet and subtle tone. It is best to choose it in powder if you have oily skin and blend it well.
  • Brushes: For the finish of this makeup to be natural and professional, there is nothing more important than good brushes that spread and diffuse and make the makeup blend.
  • Gloss: This type of makeup is usually accompanied by a gloss that gives volume to your lips and highlights such a concealed look.
  • Matte powder or sealer: For the blush to last longer, it is important to be able to seal everything with a setting powder.

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Cold Girl Makeup: what it is and how to do this trendy makeup - Products to do Cold Girl Makeup

How to do Cold Girl Makeup

Doing a Cold Girl makeup look requires a mastery of the brushes, but if done and practiced several times, you will surely master the technique in no time. To do this, here we explain step by step how to do the Cold Girl Makeup:

  1. Apply a moisturizing base to prepare the skin: It is important that the skin is clean and well hydrated before putting on any type of makeup.
  2. Unify the face with a good foundation of your skin tone: The important thing is to unify all the skin and remove imperfections giving a nude appearance but that seems as natural as possible so that you can see healthy and smooth skin.
  3. Define sensitive areas of the face with a blush brush: Imagine where your pink face would turn if you were exposed to the cold for a long time. Precisely in those areas you should apply a thin layer of blush that covers the nose and the part under the eyes and cheeks with the help of a brush.
  4. Apply cold eye shadows and outline with your eyeliner: For contrast, you can apply an eyeshadow that is cold and bright and a subtle eyeliner to enlarge the eye.
  5. Give volume to your lips: This makeup is also usually accompanied by glossy lips to give a more fleshy and soft appearance.
  6. Seals all makeup: Lastly, secure your cold makeup and blush with a good matt effect sealer.

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