16 April 2023

discreet nail designs

By Killian

discreet nail designs

Manicures are in fashion. Colorful, risky, extravagant… Everything fits in the world of nails! But, what about discreet, elegant and sophisticated nails? If the minimalist style is the one that best suits your personality, you are in luck, since the discreet nails and the colors naked they are trending But the best thing is that they are timeless and adaptable to any age and any type of nail. Next, in aHOWTO we give you some options understated nail designs so you can choose your next manicure, without losing sophistication and elegance. Safe bet!


The french manicure It is the classic of the classics when it comes to discreet nail designs. In addition to being very pretty and easy to do, French nails provide a touch of sophistication and elegance. Currently, you can resort to classic French nails, based on the combination of a base naked, pale pink or transparent, with a thin white line at the top of the nails. Always a hit!

French colored

Without losing the touch of discretion, one of the latest trends in terms of manicure is to perform the French manicure but instead of the classic, do it with color. That is, the idea is to combine the base with a fine line at the tip of the nail of another color. Garnet, dark blue, light blue, green, pink, orange, black… Any option is valid! The result? Discreet and modern nails ideal to show off perfect hands going unnoticed.

Discreet nail designs - Color French

pearl effect

Another of the latest nail trends that will help you shine sophisticated, elegant and discreet handsare the nails pearl effect. This design that revolutionized the networks Hand in hand with Hailey Bieber they give a very subtle touch of shine to the hands. An ideal option to get out of classic manicures without losing discretion.

milky nails

The milky nails are a type of understated manicure based on a simple nail polish, ranging from nude tones to more milky versions, with a off-white tone. The idea is to offer a very discreet, sophisticated and versatile version. For this reason, milky nails have become a great bet for all those people who want to look a simple manicure And don’t draw too much attention. This manicure is the latest trend, since the idea is to show off the classic colors in a translucent finish. You will love them!

Discreet nail designs - Milky nails

French with glitter

And we return to the French because the discretion It is not incompatible with the brightness. On this occasion we present a perfect design for those who want to bet on the tones naked but, at the same time, they want to risk a little more in the design, without straying from the line of elegance and discretion. The idea is Simulate the French manicure but putting a little glitter on the tip of the nail, even degraded. It is an ideal option for any special occasion.


Without leaving the tones naked or pastel, we present you with another understated manicure that you can add to your favorite designs. Is about apply a frosted effect to one of your nails, by means of a glossy enamel, which will break the dynamic of all the nails being painted the same color, even if the same tone is followed. The brightness can be great ally in discreet nail designs.

Discover some Spring Nail Designs.

Discreet Nail Designs - Frost

Caramel sauce

Another option that has revolutionized the world of manicures today and that is still a simple and discreet design are the dulce de leche nails. This idea revolutionized the networks thanks to Jennifer Lopez, who was the pioneer in wearing this type of manicure. It is a design based on caramel tone that gives a touch of elegance and sophistication to your hands. It is ideal!

In another OneHOWTO article we tell you more about Dulce de leche nails: how to do this trendy manicure.

pink and red

Did you know that pink and red can be perfect allies? If you like both colors, you don’t have to give them up. What’s more, you can get a discreet and beautiful manicure if you know combine them perfectly. For example, we give you the option of making a half and half design, as long as the pink is pretty much a neutral or makeup shade. You can too bet on a color scalediscreet, simple but with a spectacular result.

Discreet Nail Designs - Pink and Red

aura manicure

This manicure design is inspired by the aura, that is, by the energetic radiation. It is a design original and discreet that can make a difference. The effect of the nail is that of the style “tie dye” and the idea is to create an optical illusion of the colors that merge with each other. So that this manicure is not too flashy, you can bet on light colors or pastel shades. You will love them!

We show you other aesthetic nail designs to give your nails a little color.

manicure with diamonds

And since discretion is not incompatible with the brilliant, we cannot ignore the option of power add a little sparkle to your manicure. You can combine natural nails and make them less boring by adding some rhinestones. Is ideal and discreet for any special event. Test it!

Discreet nail designs - Manicure with diamonds

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