21 April 2023

Distressed haircuts for women

By Killian

Distressed haircuts for women

Messy hair gives a casual and carefree look that is very attractive on women. In fact, disheveled haircuts are quite a trend, as they bring naturalness, style and character to those who decide to wear them. We can find different options, from the most elegant and sexy, worthy of the red carpet, to the most casual and fresh, ideal for day to day. Next, in oneHOWTO we present different faded haircuts for women, irresistibly charming options. Which one do you prefer?

Mullet Cut

If there is a disheveled, carefree and fashionable cut this season it is the mullet cut. It is a cut that has already been put on fashion in the 70s and that each time it has returned with more force to our streets, being one of the ideal cuts to look natural and give much more personality to your appearance.

The mullet cut consists of cut the upper part of the hair to short layers while the fall of the strands to the side visually lengthens the face, achieving an effect that helps to stylize and favor both wide and elongated faces, thanks to the front parade. Thus, stripping the layers a lot and adding his distinctive and flattering bangs (either short, straight curtain, baby bangs or more dense bangs), you will achieve a stylish tousled cut and a lot of character. Ideal!

Disassembly haircuts for women - Mullet cut

asymmetric bob cut

Another of the star cuts of the season is the asymmetrical bob, an option that fits perfectly with the disheveled type of cut, since it looks much more unstructured. The asymmetry helps to stylize the hair and, in turn, to refine facial features. The idea of ​​the asymmetrical bob, in addition to cutting more at the back and leaving longer locks at the front, is blend the outline so that you lighten the capillary mass and give much more volume at the roots and sides.

The result of this scaling? A fashionable mane with modern, youthful, carefree and rebellious air. You sign up? In addition, this look is one of the Short haircuts for women of 50 years.

Disassembly haircuts for women - Asymmetrical bob cut

shaggy cut

Disheveled layers equals a shaggy cut, one of the trending cuts this season. It’s about a ideal cut to give volume to fine hair or reduce it if you have it very abundant and bulky. The idea of ​​the shaggy cut consists of give more volume to the upper part with fine layers, which helps to give the hair more texture and movement, while the result is a casual and carefree hairstyle.

With the shaggy cut you will achieve a mane in trend, smoothing out the contours to give you a faded finish that’s easy to style, maintain and wear. If you want to look fashionable, without giving up a messy cut, this is a great option for you.

Disassembly haircuts for women - Shaggy cut

Lob cut with bangs

If you want to give movement to your hair it is time to scale it up and tear it down to be able to refresh your image without having to sacrifice the length you currently have. This lob cut It is ideal for adding volume to your hairstyle and can be adapted to both short and long hair, curly or straight hair. The idea is to parade the locks of hair to get more movement that will give you a much more natural and updated look. And if you add an open or straight curtain-type bangs to the cut as a complement… You’ll look perfect! The type of lob cut with bangs also helps to rejuvenate the face. What are you waiting to try it?

Disassembly haircuts for women - Lob cut with bangs

Midi length cut

If there is a fashionable measure this season, it is the midi length. However, it is time to revolutionize this classic cut to make it much more versatile and updated. As? Making a shredded midi length cut. What you will achieve by climbing the hair in different layers is to give much more volume to the cut and also more dynamism to the hair. The idea is undo said locks, which can be invisible or not, and play with the blunt ones. The result? A hairstyle stylish, comfortable, current and that will make a difference. In addition, it is suitable for both straight hair and curly hair.

Disassembly haircuts for women - Long midi cut

long hair disheveled cut

Long hair is not incompatible with a messy haircut either. climbing long hair you will be able to create a greater texture, flexibility and definition to your hair. The ideal is to play with longer layers, especially at the base, and shorter ones, at the top, so that the locks fall like a cascade. In this way, you can keep the length of your hair without giving up the definition of the cutsomething more daring and that will bring much more movement and freshness to your look.

Disassembly haircuts for women - Disassembly cut long hair

Very short and disheveled haircut

For those who want to be ready in a matter of minutes and want to dare with a much more risky cut, the very short and disheveled haircut is ideal for them. It will take you to comb it in just a few minutes and it is ideal above all for those who have the very thick hairbecause they will lose weight and volume and will stylize their face much more.

This type of cut is based on cut in several layers the hair, in a messy way, which gives a more casual, carefree and attractive appearance, without losing the elegance or the sexy touch. The game is in symmetry, cutting some strands more than others, with the aim of giving your look much more movement. You’ll love it!

Disjointed haircuts for women - Very short and disjointed haircut

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