5 May 2023

Dulce de leche nails: how to do this trendy manicure

By Killian

Dulce de leche nails: how to do this trendy manicure

Jennifer López is in fashion, and this time she has revolutionized social networks with a new manicure design, and that is that the artist has opted for “nail art” together with her trusted manicurist to make a new nail concept go viral. Do you want to know how the latest trending manicure is done? Next, in aHOWTO we talk about the dulce de leche nails, a manicure that will give a lot to talk about in the coming months and a color that will undoubtedly be among the most sought-after tones for nails this year, since in addition to being elegant and sophisticated, it has the ability to rejuvenate and give greater warmth. to your hands Are you ready to wear dulce de leche nails? If the answer is yes, be sure to read this article.

What are dulce de leche nails

If we look at the manicure trends of 2023, something will catch our attention: the name of Jennifer Lopez appears everywhere. And it is that the singer, and influential woman as far as fashion is concerned, gave us a novelty in terms of manicures: the so-called dulce de leche nails.

As its name indicates, this type of nail has the characteristic of being of the typical color of dulce de lechea Latin American food that arises from the cooking of milk with sugar and that is generally used as a topping for different desserts or as a spread.

Dulce de leche nails are therefore a caramel glaze that gives a touch of sophistication and creaminess to the manicure, which allows you to leave the traditional French manicure, without losing elegance. This enamel aims to give you a A twist on the classic brown or beige tones, giving it a more original and different touch. In addition, this manicure brings much more warmth to our nails, which is why it has become a authentic hit.

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Dulce de leche nails: how to do this trendy manicure - What are dulce de leche nails

How to do dulce de leche nails

Jennifer López together with the manicurist Tom Bachik have opted for the dulce de leche color to prepare spectacular nails and the latest fashion. The selected color is a caramel tone of dulce de leche, that is, a warm brown with hints of orange and ginger.

But JLo’s manicure has not only triumphed because of the color, but also because of the shape. Dulce de leche nails are oval and perfectly defined, which allows you to add even more sophistication and elegance to this nail design. Also, to ensure that the manicure is a complete success, you must use good oils to take care of your cuticles and make the polish finish shiny. This technique, known as brown caramel, is achieved by applying a lowered brown tone with a hint of white if you want the color to be more subtle, less strong. Remember: the more white you add to the brown, the lighter your dulce de leche color will be. What brown color do you prefer?

The best thing about dulce de leche nails is that you can play with the tonality you decide. That is, you can bet on lighter, medium or dark tones, without forgetting the most important thing: the color of the enamel should resemble the shade of a coffee caramel or the dulce de leche itself to achieve the desired effect.

Dulce de leche nails: how to do this trendy manicure - How to do dulce de leche nails

With what to wear dulce de leche nails

Dulce de leche nails have a elegant and creamy character, so through this manicure you will be able to give a much warmer touch to your hands. But, there is more: and it is that this manicure shows a natural and relaxed character, without sacrificing sophisticationFor this reason, it has become a desired enamel and replicated by many women.

But how can we combine properly dulce de leche nails?

Anything that is brown and beige tones will go perfectly. And it is that the terra tones will be basic during this season as far as fashion is concerned. For this reason, dulce de leche nails are going to be a safe bet in the coming months. To get the most out of this manicure you can bet on a design of different caramel tonesplay with different designs or details on your nails with a dulce de leche tone or take them to the classic stylewith a uniform and homogeneous manicure, in the purest JLo style.

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