16 April 2023

Easy curly hair hairstyles

By Killian

Easy curly hair hairstyles

Curls are becoming more and more fashionable and it is impossible not to fall into their temptation. However, many times, we are not aware of getting the most out of curly hair, without wearing it loose, with volume and a wild touch. For this reason, today, in aHOWTO, we want to give you ideas of easy hairstyles for curly hair, so you can wear your hair up or in a ponytail on the days that you most want. You want to know more? Pay attention to the following options and enjoy hairstyles suitable for curly hair. Incredible results without too much effort. You will love them!


If there is a perfect option for curly hair, so that it looks well styled without having to resort to always wearing it loose, it is semi-collected. This option allows you to get more romantic and casual looks and there are many variants with which you can wear your hair semi-collected. For example, you can opt for a bow at the top, leaving the lower part loose, you can pick up the sides with trendy hairpins or barrettes, or pick up the sides with a simple knot. There are many variants if it is a semi-collected. Which one do you prefer?

Easy hairstyles for curly hair - Semi-collected

collected effortlessly

When we talk about hairstyles for curly hair, there is a style that cannot escape us: the effortlessly. This trend is just what we need: effortless up-dos that provide relaxed texture. The idea is collect hair without the need for it to be perfect, but quite the opposite, playing with the strands to obtain an uneven updo. You can braid some strands, twist them or leave them loose, add large clips or play with the height of the updo. It is a chic, natural, comfortable, minimalist and functional hairstyle. Ideal for curly hair!

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Easy hairstyles for curly hair - Effortless collected

Braids or low ponytails

Other great allies for curly hair are low hairstyles. This time we are talking about braids or low ponytails, which will give a casual and casual air to your look. To do both hairstyles, we recommend work the texture of the hair previouslywith the aim of having more body.

In the case of braids we can work in a structured way, mixing knots with different shapes. As for low ponytails, the important thing is to give them more volume. In addition, you can decorate your ponytails or low braids with bows or scarves. Perfect and romantic!

Easy hairstyles for curly hair - Braids or low pigtails

mix of textures

One of the best ways to enhance our curls is to mix textures in a single hairstyle. In this sense, we propose the hairstyles wetwhich combines the straight hair in the central part of the headwhich should be fixed with gel, and leave the rest of the curly hair, in a ponytail or semi-collected format. With this combination of textures, we will be able to give more volume to the back, creating a spectacular contrast.

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Easy hairstyles for curly hair - Mix of textures

Sideways Hairstyles

Side or side hairstyles are also an excellent option to show off your curly hair. You can comb your mane as much in pigtails as in bows that should be put aside. The result? You will stylize the neck and your face. In addition, thanks to curly hair, you will give the hairstyle much more volume and you will achieve that it has much more presence than if it were a smooth lopsided hairstyle. It won’t fail!

Easy Curly Hairstyles - Sideways Hairstyles

high collected

If you have very curly hair, high updos can be your best allies. It is a hairstyle that will enhance the volume of your curls, without the need to wear them loose. The idea is to collect your hair in a very high ponytail, placing it in the center of the head, so that the curls form a nest and fall in the form of a cascadewhich will give it a very special touch.

To make the high updo look better, you can re-comb the front area, giving the curly nest real prominence, or leave some strands loose to give it a more casual touch. Comfortable and very colorful.

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Easy hairstyles for curly hair - High updos

Casual Low Bun

For those days when you don’t feel like spending a lot of time on your hair, but you want to look well-groomed, this is an excellent resource: the casual low bun. Doing it is very simple and the trick is that it should not look extremely perfect, but rather give a casual and casual touch to your look.

The idea is to collect your curly hair in a low bun, you can do it with a rubber band or with hairpins, and then, leave a few locks of curly hair on your face, to highlight your features. Quick, simple and ideal.

Easy hairstyles for curly hair - Casual low bun

braid headband

As you know, braids never go out of style, so we want to continue promoting this hairstyle for curly hair. On this occasion, we suggest you make a headband using a braid on the front of the headso that the rest of the curly hair is loose and your curls are much more enhanced. Although it looks like a very elaborate look, it only takes a few minutes to braid the front strands from one side of the head to the other.

Easy hairstyles for curly hair - Headband braid

Curly hair with accessories

Another option to give a different touch to your hairstyles with curly hair is to bet on accessories. For example, the tissues, are an excellent option that you can combine both with loose hair, as with a high bow or a low braid. Also, bet on fabric scrunchies, headbands or hairpins with ornamentsis ideal for picking up the upper part of the hair, that is, the part most affected by frizz when it comes to curly hair.

Easy hairstyles for curly hair - Curly hair with accessories

afro mane

And to finish, we cannot ignore that if you have beautiful curly hair… You should not give it up! Curly hair brings a lot of personality and really has the ability to stand out on its own, without any frills. If you want to mark your style, an afro hairstyle will help you leave your mark. Yes indeed, you should keep your curls well cared for and hydrated, that is the key to be able to show off a beautiful afro mane. As for the hairstyle, you should reposition your curls during the day and moisten the hair with a water spray. Long live curly hair!

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Easy hairstyles for curly hair - Afro hair

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