14 June 2023

Festival look ideas for men

By Killian

Festival look ideas for men

Summer is here and with it the season of festivals. During these hot months you will be able to enjoy a multitude of musical events of any style and in any part of the country. But, do you already know what you should wear to go to a festival? Whether it is to be fashionable, to feel beautiful, to be comfortable or to attract attention, then in oneHOWTO we have prepared a list with festival look ideas for men that you will love If you are looking for inspiration, pay attention and discover the best outfits for you. Which one do you prefer?

Classic look: sneakers, cigarette and t-shirt

To go to a festival, the most important thing is to create an outfit with which you feel, you are comfortable and bring out all your style. So if you don’t know very well what to wear on this occasion, use the “festival uniformclassic: state-of-the-art sports shoes, skinny pants and a t-shirt with a roll. But if you are also a fashion lover and you like to be trendy, you can add some jewelry for men like seal rings or a subtle neck chain. Create your outfit from these three basics and you will have your ideal festival look for men.

In this other oneHOWTO article we do a more extensive review of different Outfit Ideas for festivals.

Festival look ideas for men - Classic look: sneakers, skinny jeans and t-shirt

New Age Look

lovers of retro style or alternative festivals, here is your look. An excellent option to create a festival outfit is to bet on the garments tie dye or sandals, undoubtedly two hallmarks of the neo-hippy movement. Try combining these iconic garments with others of a different style to create your more casual look and apt to give it his all at the next festival.

Festival look ideas for men - New Age Look

Look mix of garments

If you’re a rather indecisive type of guy and you know you’ll be at the festival both day and night, don’t worry, there’s an option for you too. As you can see at festivals, everything is allowed, so you can bet on create your look from a mix of formal and informal garments. For example, using a Hawaiian shirt that will give color to your look and, above all, very good vibes, but accompany it with dress pants or classic-style sneakers. Although a priori it seems an impossible combination, it is perfect to resist the passing of hours at the festival. Test it!

Festival look ideas for men - Look mix of clothes

Classic look with accessories

If you are one of those who resists dressing modern, but you know that you are going to a festival and you do not want to look like an older man, take note of the following option. I bet you simple looks with which you feel comfortable but bet on accessories to stand out a little more. For example, you can bet on the latest accessories such as a fanny pack or a pair of pants most current cutwider or cargo style.

And if you want to accompany the outfit with a good hairstyle, we leave you different taper fade cut ideas.

Festival look ideas for men - Classic look with accessories

Crochet or knit look

He crochet it is fashionable and the boys can also make the most of it. If we use a Peach Tree Rascals As maximum inspiration, here you have a great look to go to the festival this summer: knitted or crochet sleeveless shirts. They are the most! In addition, you can look for a colorful option so that the outfit is even more in line with the festival joy. Since this type of shirt will be the center of your look, bet on combine it with pants of a more relaxed cut and neutral colors like white or beige. Insuperable!

Festival look ideas for men - Crochet or knit look

original t-shirt look

Color, bold prints or message t-shirts. Dressing up for a festival can be a source of creativity and bringing out your authentic self. For this reason, we invite you to wear an infallible look during summer music festivals: original t-shirts. Bet on retro prints or ingenious designs so that this garment is the authentic focus of attention. Combine it with some Cowboys or some shorts and… Ready to go to a concert!

Festival look ideas for men - Original T-shirt look

Look shirt

The shirts are a real must and they can be used to create any type of look, so if you are one of those who cannot give them up, take note, because they cannot be missing to go to a festival. You can opt for more classic looks with linen shirt or neutral colors as white or black and sleeves rolled up; a more candid look with a checked shirt or a more striking and colorful shirt, suitable for going to any festival. The colorful striped prints will make you look handsome at the moment, but if you are one of the risk takers, a flowered shirt or any other print may be the ideal combination. And to add style take note: undo the first buttons to make the look more casual and go with your jeans shirt and sneakers. Total festival look!

Festival look ideas for men - Shirt look

Look with jacket

Although the festivals are usually held in summer and outdoors, it never hurts complete your look with garments that also give you more style, character and personality. We are talking about combining your outfit with a jacket, which you can always tie at the hip if you get hot. you can go with huntress Texan, ideal for more classic outfits, or a leather jacket if your style is more rocker. And if you can’t bear the heat, try wearing these same ones jackets in vest version. Ideal!

Festival look ideas for men - Look with jacket

Look with sunglasses and hat

In many festivals, especially during the day, the sun is usually the great protagonist of the event. For this reason, we want to propose you a festival look for men in which you cannot miss some basic complements like the sunglasses and hat. In addition to protecting you from the sun, these accessories are ideal for giving your outfit a more stylish touch. For example, you can bet on retro-style sunglasses and a flat-brimmed hat from black, gray or light brown, it will undoubtedly give you a lot of personality. And if flat-brimmed hats are not your thing, you can always opt for a straw hat, ideal for summer festivals, or even a cap, if you are more of an urban style. They cannot be missing in your look!

Festival look ideas for men - Look with sunglasses and hat

Look with boots

Finally, when creating your festival outfit, you cannot ignore that you will spend many hours on your feet, dancing and giving everything. Therefore, it is essential to think of a pair of comfortable shoes, and the latest, that will be the icing on your look. You can bet on a pair of boots if you want to bet on a more rocker style and they will give you a more mischievous and casual air, while they are an all-round option to enjoy any festival. In addition, boots with a worn touch are easy to clean when you get home. The boots work well with both skinny pants and shorts, so they will be great allies to create your festival look. Do you dare to try them?

Festival look ideas for men - Look with boots

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