24 April 2023

flat dog breeds

By Killian

flat dog breeds

There are breeds of dogs with very different physical characteristics between them. Some of the most popular are included among the flat dog breeds, which stand out for having a short nose and a flat face that gives them a somewhat strange appearance, but also very special and endearing. But this physical trait triggers several health problems that you must attend to if you want to adopt one of these dogs.

The endearing appearance of flat dogs makes them some of the most desired to welcome at home. If you are about to adopt one of them, it is essential that you know the main health problems that these breeds are usually associated with, precisely because they are brachycephalic breeds or short or flat snout. To discover the flat dog breeds and its physical characteristics, at OneHOWTO we recommend that you continue reading this article.

pug or pug

The carlino or pug is one of the most popular flat dogs in the world. Has some large eyes and a cropped muzzle that give it great expressiveness and even a truly endearing appearance. They are completely black in color and there are brown in color with the color of their dark face as well as their ears, giving them an unmistakable appearance.

This breed seems lazy at times, although in reality it is not, but there are cases of dogs that have too much shortness of breath well. Even so, the pug or carlino does not miss any opportunity to walk with his human companion and even to go for a run. It is prone to gain weight very easily, so it is very important take daily walks with him so that he has the necessary physical activity to stay in shape and feed it correctly.

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Flat Dog Breeds - Pug or Pug

french bulldog

It is a very friendly and playful dog that gets along great with kids. The French bulldog sometimes seems skeptical with other animals, so it is essential that they have a good socialization process, especially if they are going to live with more pets in the same home.

It has an adorable appearance thanks to the expressiveness of his eyesits erect and large ears, short legs and unmistakable wrinkles on his flat face. This breed has a low-medium energy level, so it is a somewhat domestic dog.

The docile temperament, his curious spirit and the desire to be with his family make the French bulldog a dog that quickly wins the affection of his legal guardians. His enormous intelligence allows them to understand, obey, and successfully perform agility competitions.

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Flat Dog Breeds - French Bulldog

English bulldog

It is a breed with a very friendly temperament. He has a considerable muscular build, allowing him to run faster than his physical appearance appears. The English bulldog is very popular for its flattened and wrinkled snout and for being a dog that does not usually get much exercise, although it is necessary to provide it with a minimum for its health.

A sedentary lifestyle tends to increase the weight of this dog, so you should consult a veterinarian so that it has a balanced diet and deis daily walks of at least one hour in total.

Flat Dog Breeds - English Bulldog


The boxer is perfect for energetic and active lifestyles. He is a very loyal dog, who enjoys daily walks outdoors and is famous for his flat wrinkled face. The main colors of this breed are brown, brindle, and white, although bronze-toned varieties also exist.

As it is a furry very active, stores a large amount of energy in your body. Therefore, it requires plenty of exercise to enjoy good physical and mental health, thus avoiding the accumulation of stress and anxiety. It is advisable to train him frequently to correct certain destructive behaviors that he may have at home due to his natural restlessness and, basically, if his needs are not well covered.

Flat dog breeds - Boxer

Shih Tzu

Originally from China, it is a very popular dog breed all over the world. Combine a flat face with extraordinary fur. The shih tzu requires special care for its hair and it is a dog of low energyso it adapts perfectly to life in houses and small apartments.

With a long daily walk or several short ones a day, it will be enough to keep you calm and healthy. He is a small furry very good with children, but he needs to be socialized from a puppy like any other dog, breed or not.

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Flat dog breeds - Shih tzu

boston terrier

Despite its small size, the Boston Terrier is a dog of great physical power. She has eyes as bright as they are expressive and stands out for her short fur of black and white color. Generally, his temperament is docile and he follows orders easily, since he is a predisposed dog to easily understand his human reference.

As it happens with others brachycephalic dog breedsis a dog prone to suffer from respiratory crises due to high summer temperatures and physical overexertion. In this sense, if you adopt one you should avoid walks at noon so that it does not suffer from the heat. This should be the case with any dog, whether it is a breed or not, but in the case of brachycephalic dogs, due to their difficulty breathing, it is even more important. Also, you should always carry water for him on walks.

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Flat Dog Breeds - Boston Terrier

shar pei

The Shar Pei is a breed that is loyal to its family. tender appearance and wrinkled skin. Has a flat face and a short coat that does not need much care. His ears are smallwith narrow ear canals through which they are prone to infections if they are not constantly cleaned.

This dog easily adapts to active life of his family, but he is happy both in familiar environments at home and with long routine walks in the fresh air. He can get bored at any time, so it’s important to keep him busy with games or challenges.

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Flat Dog Breeds - Shar Pei

Dogue de Bordeaux

The Dogue de Bordeaux has a reddish-brown coat, a wrinkled face and ones very expressive eyes. His appearance, with a short muzzle and large lipsis characterized by the production of excessive drool, but the joy and gentleness that it transmits will make you immediately forget about this “drool problem”.

It is a very familiar dog with a high energy level, so it needs its daily dose of exercise on the walks you take.

Flat Dog Breeds - Dogue de Bordeaux


The small eyes, the black fur and the enormous expressiveness of his flat face They make this breed adorable. It is a daring and curious dog, which was initially used as a rodent hunter.

Of medium energy, you can live in closed houses and apartments, but you also need daily walks to maintain a positive temperament and your physical and mental health. Training it can be a challenge, so it should be done as a puppy.

Flat Dog Breeds - Affenpinscher


The Pekingese has a long history in the ancient china, where he was raised to belong to the members of the Imperial Court exclusively. It has a double-layered coat that allows it to protect itself from low temperatures and that needs to be especially taken care of so that it does not get tangled.

This breed does not usually exceed 22 cm in height and has a cheerful and docile temperament. Enjoy all the games if you can set your own pace. Besides characteristic health problems of flat dogsthe Pekingese can suffer from eye problems due to excess hair in the eyes.

Flat Dog Breeds - Pekingese

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