17 April 2023

How does diet influence the health of dogs?

By Killian

How does diet influence the health of dogs?

Dogs, like any other living being, must cover a series of nutritional requirements with their diet to maintain proper functioning of their body. Otherwise, your health will be compromised. Hence the importance of offering them a quality diet, adjusted to the characteristics of each specimen.

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Importance of dog food

As we have advanced, food is key to maintaining the dog’s health, as well as to ensure its proper growth, well-being and quality of life.

Correct development of the dog

The food you eat will provide you with all the nutrients. that it requires for your body to function properly and for it to develop on a physical and mental level. This includes the immune system, which is in charge of defending the dog from potential pathogens, such as viruses, bacteria or parasites.

Less likely to get sick

A well-fed dog will have a better chance of staying healthy and not getting sick, visiting the vet less frequently. It must be taken into account that a low-quality food can cause nutritional deficiencies which, by themselves, trigger health problems.

emotional well-being

Feeling good on a physical level too is a source of mental health, because the animal will show greater vitality, encouragement and desire. In addition, if the food is of quality it will also be palatable, so the dog will enjoy its food.

In short, good nutrition is essential for quality of life.

custom adaptation

Finally, it should be mentioned that many pathologies are treated through food, along with the medication prescribed by the veterinarian, if necessary. Dogs with kidney and liver disease, diabetes, allergies, mobility problems, cognitive dysfunction, and many other examples, need specific diets because the importance of food for health is unquestionable for them. But all dogs, even if they are healthy, will benefit from a complete diet adapted to your circumstances, such as age, size, activity level, whether or not they are neutered, pregnant or lactating, etc. Because she is not going to eat a puppy the same as an adult or a female nursing her litter than an elderly dog.

This is the raison d’ĂȘtre of barkina brand of personalized nutrition for dogs that offers menus completely adapted to the needs of each horse with 100% fresh and natural ingredients. You have fully personalized recipes for dry feed, but also for wet food, nutritional supplements (which we will talk about later due to their role in canine health), snacks and salmon oil. It works by subscription. You just have to enter their website, fill out a form and let yourself be advised by the Barkyn experts. You can also contact a veterinarian for free through the page.

How does diet influence the health of dogs?  - Importance of feeding the dog

Consequences of a lack of nutrients in dogs

Seeing the importance of food for the dog’s health, we can deduce the consequences of offering alternatives that do not cover their basic nutritional needs. Thus, a poorly fed dog can present a faded cloak, dull, with dandruff, hair loss and generally unhealthy appearance. The feces tend to give off very bad smell already be abundant and maybe too soft. there may also be vomiting and a weight below or above of the optimum. In addition, it will be more likely to get sickto be infested by parasites or it will cost you more to recover after an injury or illness.

if the malnutrition lasts for months, the consequences will be more serious. For example, a poor diet in puppies can lead to rickets or serious growth problems. If what is missing is a specific nutrient, the dog will express alterations related to its deficiency, such as vision problems, miscarriages, incoordination, etc.

In conclusion, it is important to choose a quality diet for our dog and, if you notice any signs like those mentioned, consult your veterinarian, because the key may be in the diet.

How do I know if my dog’s diet is correct?

Based on everything we have explained, we are going to give some basic tips to find out if the diet we are offering our dog is correct:

  • Its main ingredient is protein of animal origin (meat or fish), complemented by vegetables, legumes, fruits, cereals, etc., always in a smaller proportion. Also, they are natural ingredients. If you offer a diet based on dry feed that does not meet these premises, we recommend looking for another more consistent brand. In case of following a homemade diet that does not comply with this either, it is best to go to a veterinarian specialized in nutrition to establish an adapted plan.
  • It is adapted to your conditions, that is, it is an alternative formulated specifically for puppies, elderly dogs, sterilized, pregnant females, etc. This goes for any type of food.
  • We provide you with the necessary amountsguiding us by the recommendations of the manufacturer and/or veterinarian, once or several times a day, depending on their age or circumstances.
  • The dog’s appearance is goodhis fur is soft, his stools are well formed and give off little odor and he shows vitality and happiness.
  • Maintain optimal fitness and weight.
  • We don’t give you leftovers or excess food treats that could unbalance the menu.

Importance of nutritional supplements in dog health

Although our dog’s diet is of quality, there may be situations in which it is necessary or advisable to supplement the diet with a nutritional supplement. For example, a dog with joint problems You can appreciate an extra contribution of substances such as chondroitin or glucosamine, which are known to be beneficial for joints. or those dogs prone to skin problems recurring may need some nutritional supplement to take care of your skin.

It is important that it is the veterinarian who decides whether or not to add a supplement. In addition, we must always choose nutritional supplements made specifically for dogs, which we will find in different formats, such as powder, pills or liquid. The ones we can buy for humans are useless. As we have mentioned previously, at Barkyn we also have nutritional supplements formulated by veterinarians, such as the hip and joint supplement and the skin and coat supplement.

Finally, they must be supplied following the recommendations of the veterinarian and/or the manufacturer in terms of quantity, mode of administration and duration of supplementation. Continuing with Barkyn’s examples, both mentioned supplements can be mixed with the usual food, which makes it easier to administer. If you want to try them, here you will find all the information: “Barkyn Nutritional Supplements“.

Now that you know how diet influences your dog’s health, what are you waiting for to offer him the best possible food?

How does diet influence the health of dogs?  - Importance of nutritional supplements in dog health

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