8 June 2023

How to cure scabies in dogs with home remedies

By Killian

How to cure scabies in dogs with home remedies

Mange is one of the most common skin diseases in dogs and cats, and can affect localized areas of the body or the ears. The parasites that cause it are mites, which are classified according to the affected area and the species to which it belongs.

If your dog has been diagnosed with mange and you would like to know some Natural medicine To complement medical treatment and speed up the healing process, keep reading this OneHOWTO article and discover how to cure scabies in dogs with home remedies.

What is scabies and its types

The scabies in dogs It is a skin disease that occurs due to a mite that lives and reproduces in the skin area of ​​our animal. There are three different types of scabies that have different origins and treatments:

  • sarcoptic mange: It is the type of scabies more common and is contracted by contact with another dog that is infected. This scabies can be transferred to humans, so in aHOWTO we tell you how to treat scabies in people.
  • demodectic mange: Unlike the others, this type of scabies is of hereditary, the infected mother passes it on to her pups naturally. It is a non-contagious mange and can be treated with instructions from your vet.
  • Ear scabies: It is a scabies that exclusively affects the area of ​​the ears both dogs and cats. The way of contagion is by being in contact with another animal that suffers from this disease.
How to cure scabies in dogs with home remedies - What is scabies and its types

Symptoms of scabies in dogs

There are some symptoms of mange in dogs most common and in aHOWTO we want to detail them so that you pay attention to the health of your dog:

  • The most obvious symptom is lack of hair What will you see in your animal once it is infected with mange?
  • Another symptom is redness from the area.
  • Scabies also produces inflammation from the infected area.
  • It may be that your dog begins to shed Bad smell because of scabies.
  • You will see that your dog scratch desperately the same area many times a day.

Veterinary treatment to cure scabies in dogs

In the event that your dog presents the symptoms of scabies, it is best to take him to the vet. There, the professional will know how to proceed for a quick and effective recovery from this disease. Normally, the price of the treatment is affordable and it is carried out by means of oral, topical, or injectable medications.

In addition, the specialist will recommend that we provide our pet with analgesics, anti-inflammatories, or even shampoos and powders that will relieve itching of his skin. On the other hand, it should be said that, in the case of treatments with injectable drugs, these are not very common, since they can have various side effects for certain canine breeds.

If you want to support veterinary treatment with natural remedies, you will help your dog’s recovery to be more effective and light. Below we reveal some of them.

How to cure scabies in dogs with home remedies - Veterinary treatment to cure scabies in dogs

Soap with neutral ph

One of the most common treatments for fight scabies is to bathe our sick dog with a special soap that the vet usually prescribes. The soaps that experts advise are those with a neutral ph, antiseptic and antibacterial properties, without flavorings or toxic components for them.

So, if you have run out of soap that the vet sent you, a good home remedy is to bathe our dog with one with similar characteristics, such as white soap. Do not use a brush to bathe it, simply wet the dog with warm water and gently rub the soap over the most affected areas.

When it is fully soaped, leave it for a few minutes to act. You should bathe your dog once a week until fully healed. When you dry it, do it with a clean towel and very carefully. It is recommended that you wear latex gloves when bathing him. Do not forget to always use a specific soap for dogs.

How to cure scabies in dogs with home remedies - Neutral ph soap

Vegetable oils

Another way that you have on how to cure scabies in dogs with home remedies is through vegetable oils that can help eliminate the mites that cause scabies. Remember that avocado is one of the toxic foods for dogs, so discard this option, it is best to use olive oil.

Apply a few drops of oil on the affected areas to weaken the nests of the mites. In this way, we will also hydrate your skin that is dry due to the infection.

Healthy food

The correct feeding It is essential to keep your dog’s immune system in perfect condition and fight against mange. A dog with low defenses will take longer to heal. Provide him with the most suitable feed for him and in the necessary amounts per day.

How to cure scabies in dogs with home remedies - Healthy eating

Herbs and medicinal plants

There are a number of herbs and medicinal plants very beneficial to cure scabies in dogs with home remedies. Of course, there are also many others that are highly toxic to them, consult our article on What are the toxic plants for dogs and make sure that they do not eat them.

The most effective to combat scabies are Neem, Cymbopogon and Niaoli for their antiseptic, skin regenerative and antibacterial properties. One way to apply them is by mixing them, individually, with almond or olive oil and applying a few drops of the preparation to the affected area.

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