17 April 2023

I think NaturWild – Composition, opinions and price

By Killian

I think NaturWild - Composition, opinions and price

I think is a very widespread option in the feeding of companion animals. It is not surprising, since it is a comfortable, fast, easy to store alternative and within the reach of all pockets. In addition, there are numerous varieties that adapt to the characteristics of almost each individual and a lot of brands to choose from.

In this AnimalWised article we examine the I think NaturWild for dogs and catshis composition and its varieties. We also explain where to buy it and give our opinion after having offered it to our animals.

What is NatureWild?

NaturWild is a brand specialized in the manufacture of feed for dogs and cats. His philosophy is to offer a quality food based on the nutritional needs of these animals, that is, respecting that they are carnivorous animals that, therefore, they must consume a diet in which the main ingredient is protein of animal origin, whether it comes from meat or fish.

As they themselves say, they intend to “go back to the origins”. In addition, they prioritize food as a pillar of good health, in such a way that they seek that their recipes serve to prevent the appearance of problems. To achieve this they use High quality 100% natural ingredientswith proteins of high nutritional value and do not add any chemical additives.

I think NaturWild - Composition, opinions and price - What is NaturWild?

Composition of NaturWild feed

To respect the nutritional needs of dogs and cats, the composition of NaturWild feed favors the presence of animal protein, which is accompanied by other ingredients, to a lesser extent, that are chosen for their potential health benefits. The following are examples:

  • The chondroitin and the glucosamineknown to favor the proper functioning of the joints.
  • He Omega 3which helps to carry out different functions in the body and favors the maintenance of a coat in optimal conditions.
  • The vitamins A and Ewhich act as natural antioxidants.

Meat and fish are dehydrated, hydrolyzed or fresh. As we will see, They have grain-free varieties or with a low amount of gluten-free grains, such as brown rice.

NaturWild feed - Composition, opinions and price - Composition of NaturWild feed

Varieties of NaturWild feed

At NaturWild we can find different alternatives to choose from according to the characteristics of our dog or cat. Let’s get to know all the products below:

Varieties for dogs

Starting with the feed for dogshave a range of hypoallergenic feeds, which are made without grains and with ingredients that are unlikely to trigger allergies, and another in which the grain content is very low (low grain) and, in addition, they are gluten-free cereals. In more detail, between the hypoallergenic range have:

  • mountain recipe: It is the recipe that contains the most chondroitin and glucosamine, in addition to other components beneficial for the joints. For this reason, it can be a good choice for dogs with joint problems or with a tendency to suffer from them. It has lamb and chicken.
  • Smallest recipe: is thought for small or mini breeds. It is lamb and blue fish.
  • Growth recipe: is the variety for puppies, up to 12-14 months, made from chicken and tuna. It is also suitable for pregnant dogs.
  • Indicate recipe: is the recipe that helps the most care for skin and coat, so it can be ideal for dogs with allergic or dermatological problems. It is made with oily fish, specifically salmon, tuna, anchovy and sardines.
  • savage recipe: is the most appropriate alternative for very active dogs, which need extra energy. Take chicken, turkey, duck and oily fish.

The varieties low grain for dogs are:

  • sunshine recipe: with chicken, salmon and brown rice.
  • power recipe: for dogs with a high energy expenditure. It is made with chicken, duck and oily fish.
  • giants recipe: It is the recommended alternative for dogs of large or giant breeds. It has lamb, chicken, turkey, oily fish and brown rice. The size of the kibble is adapted to these sizes.
  • Light & fit: recommended for dogs with overweight problems. It is a recipe that helps both to lose weight and to stay in the ideal and may also be suitable for older dogs that are not very active. It is made with turkey and chicken.

Strains for cats

As for the NaturWild varieties for cats, they also differentiate between hypoallergenic range and low cereal content. Starting with the first, we find:

  • Stream recipe: it is a hypoallergenic recipe that, in addition, take care of the urinary tract and prevents the formation of hairballs. It has salmon, trout, chicken and brown rice.

low grain have:

  • country recipe: it is recommended for sterilized cats and those specimens with overweight problems. It is made from chicken, turkey and oily fish.
NaturWild feed - Composition, opinions and price - Varieties of NaturWild feed

Do we recommend NaturWild feed?

Our experience with NaturWild feed has been positive with both dogs and cats. We have tested with adult animals. Specifically, we can say that the dogs liked it a lot, which speaks in favor of its palatability. In addition, it has been good for them and, during the transition, they have not experienced diarrhea or vomiting, so the adaptation has been very good. We have been able to appreciate the quality of the feed in the frequency, size and consistency of the faeces.

As for the catswho tend to be more scrupulous when it comes to introducing new foods, the experience has also been very positive. They accepted the feed willingly from the first moment, which, once again, says a lot about its palatability. As in the case of dogs, well-formed feces give us the clue of a good digestibility. We have not recorded episodes of vomiting and/or diarrhea, so common in transitions. In addition, we have noticed that it is a feed that fills them up. Before, they consumed their ration directly, while now they eat a small amount throughout almost the entire day.

In summary, our dogs and cats have liked the NaturWild feed, its composition is very complete and, ultimately, yes we recommend it.

I think NaturWild - Composition, opinions and price - Do we recommend NaturWild feed?

Price of NaturWild feed and where to buy it

With the exception of some varieties, NaturWild can be purchased for both dogs and cats. in 14 or 4 kg bags. The prices, which will depend on the variety we choose, range between 50 and 65 euros for bags of 14 kg and between 21.5-25 euros for those of 4.

You can purchase NaturWild feed directly through its website NaturWild.es. Also, with every order they send snacks for free, which are natural and healthy. These same snacks can also be purchased through their website, where you will find products such as the following:

  • Dehydrated whole anchovy
  • Dehydrated beef lung
  • Dried beef liver
  • Dried beef trachea
NaturWild feed - Composition, opinions and price - NaturWild feed price and where to buy it

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