18 April 2023

Ivermectin for dogs: what it is, what it is for and dose

By Killian

guadalupe guallpa

Hello, my puppy received an ivermectin injection but right now he is disoriented and he doesn’t see he crashes everywhere please help me


How much is the injectable dose and its interval for dogs, thanks.

maria lezcano

I need your help I can give her a dose of inverctin my dog ​​got scabies after giving birth I want to cure her with this medicine her weight is 20 kilos she is small labrador retrievers

Nayeli Merchan

Hello, my dog ​​takes pills for fleas and ticks, can I still inject her with ivermectin or not?

Nayeli Merchan

Hello, my dog ​​takes pills for fleas and ticks, can I still inject her with ivermectin or not?


One question, can blindness caused by ivermectin poisoning in a dog be cured?

charles cross

I have a Schnauzer, it has parasites, it doesn’t want to eat, can I give it ivermectin?

Mitzel McLean

My dog ​​has 2 little balls on her chin, what is this due to?


Is the blindness it causes forever or for certain days or hours?


Hello, my dog ​​was given Ivermectin and she has diarrhea

hazel gamba

Hello, my dog ​​was given Ivermectin because she has mites but she had diarrhea, that’s normal.


What dose of ivermentin injected into my 4-month-old dog

ramón fra

I have a question. My boxer dog has swelling in his right thigh, lymphedema. = What medication can you give him? Is invermectin good for that?

Ing. Martinez

Couldn’t they describe the dose in a more friendly and understandable way for everyone? Instead of specifying micrograms and avoiding cumbersome calculations??
The pills are commonly 6mg, why don’t they say how many of these pills should be given?
They complicate one’s life 😠


The pills are 6 MG. My dog ​​weighs 5 kg. How much of that pill should I give him?

benjamin garcia

How many pills did they tell you to give your dog friend?

Sandra Naomi

My dog ​​weighs 25 kg, how much mg do I give her in pills?

Sandra Montoya

Good evening, what is the exact dose for a Labrador and Creole crossbreed, she is 3 and a half years old. thank you.
excellent article.

Cesar Augusto Vega Mass

What is the dose in cc of ivermectin in dogs?
Thank you.

Evelyn Hernandez

Ivermectin has been on the market for more than 30 years, initially it was used in cattle, pigs and horses, I began to apply it to my dogs at a dose of 0.5 ml for every 50 kilos of weight, since I lived on a farm where there were periods of high tick incidence. I have NEVER had a problem with any of my dogs (1 Belgian Shepherd, 1 German Shepherd, 1 Setter, 1 Golden, 1 Boxer, 1 Rottwailer, and a Doberman), all of them died of old age over 13 years old, except the boxer that he died run over And and there were never any problems with overdoses or side effects, and in this way I freed my dogs from the hateful ticks (which when the eggs exploded, there were millions of them), as well as from any type of parasite that might be on the farm . I applied it once every 5-6 months depending on the time of year and the incidence of pests.
So I don’t think it’s a good way to control parasites in dogs, simple and cheap.

Yamile Parada

Good evening, my dog ​​is a gold retriever and I weigh between 20 and 23 kg, how much should I give her?


How much if the dog weighs 30 kg?

leidy azuaje

Hello Evelyn, I have a poodle and it is 6 years old, what dose in pills should I apply to it? Please I need your help


So no, I think it’s a good way ? Or so that you don’t think it’s a good way….. A comma completely changes the context and I got lost before the interesting reference !!! Greetings