26 April 2023

Marble nails: what they are and designs

By Killian

Marble nails: what they are and designs

Emerald, amethyst, jade, quartz… Can you imagine that your nails became the spitting image of semiprecious stones? Now it is possible thanks to a new trendy manicure: marble nails or marble nails. This technique is inspired by this type of stones and gems that are recreated on the nails to achieve a unique effect. The result? A glamorous look that will dress your hands as any jewel would.

If you want to know more about this manicure, which Chiara Ferragni has elevated to its maximum expression this spring, be sure to read the following OneHOWTO article. Next, we tell you what are marble nails and their designs that you will surely want to wear this season. Do you join the latest trend in manicures? The marble nails they are waiting for you!

What are marble nails

Art and manicure come together again to bring us a new trend that influencers Chiara Ferragni has promoted and will not leave anyone indifferent: the marble nails or marble nails. But what exactly are marble nails?

It is a design that aims to imitate the printing of marble or semi-precious stones, by means of sinuous lines. This technique is one of the most complex for manicurists, so it is not easy to achieve at home. For this reason, we recommend you go to a specialized gel nail salon to achieve a perfect result in these beautiful gel nails that you can wear for several weeks.

And why do they usually get over gel nails? The answer is found in the technique itself, and that is that to achieve this type of line drawing, a wide surface so that the result of your marble nails be simply exceptional.

Marble nails: what they are and designs - What are marble nails

How to do marble nails

  1. Prepare the nails: remove the previous enamel and cut or file them to your liking, giving them the shape you want.
  2. Apply the base color: To make the marble style we recommend white or black as a background, although any color you like can fit, especially if you want to recreate your favorite semiprecious stones.
  3. Seals the base finish with a coat of enamel top coat.
  4. then tap draw the irregular and sinuous veins so characteristic of marble. To do this, you will need a very fine nail brush and preferably white (if the background is dark) or black (if the background is lighter) nail polish. Although you already know, for tastes, colors and this is precisely what we are talking about, that you can use any tone that you like to recreate this technique: gold, silver, gray, purple, naked
  5. Draw the irregular veins simulating the different depths of the stone. Ideally, use marble effect ink to achieve this or paint the lines on the still wet base enamel.
  6. If you have not used special ink or have painted on the wet enamel, to make the finish more realistic, go over the veins with a fine brush clean, moistened with acetone, so that the lines dissolve unevenly.

Ready! Remember that the marble effect manicure plays with sinuosity, depths and optical illusion. To obtain a beautiful and elegant result, do not hesitate to observe how a marble looks in reality, so you can better recreate it on your nails.

marble nail designs

Now that you know what they are and how you can get your marble nails, we want to leave you with some designs that we have selected for you, so that they serve as inspiration to be able to carry out this beautiful manicure. Which one do you prefer?

  • Marble nails on a white background with black veins.
  • marble nails on a black background with white veins.
  • Blue marble nails.
  • Marble nails with white and gold
  • marble nails turquoise and whiteinspired by the jade stone.
  • Marble nails in lavender tones.
  • Amethyst-inspired marble nails.
  • marble nails gray game.
  • Lapis lazuli inspired marble nails.
  • Aquamarine marble nails.
  • marble nails in green.
  • Rose quartz inspired marble nails.
  • marble nails with iridescent effect.
  • Multicolored marble nails.
  • Marble nails with neutral colors

The possibilities of wearing marble nails are endless. Choose the semi-precious stones or the colors that you like the most and inspire you to achieve an elegant, sophisticated, beautiful and unique result. irresistible!

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Marble nails: what they are and designs - Marble nail designs

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