16 April 2023

Mullet Haircuts for Men

By Killian

Mullet Haircuts for Men

The mullet cut is a haircut that revolutionized hair styling in the 1980s. This unisex cut is characterized by two well-defined and differentiated extensions or lengths: shorter on top and on the sides and longer on the back. This type of glam rock air cut has risen from its ashes, becoming one of the men’s haircuts of the moment, since it favors all types of faces and adapts perfectly to any face shape. However, it is especially recommended for those men with oval and round faces, since it resizes facial features and can hide a wide forehead, providing a more rectangular effect. In addition, the mullet accepts different types of textures and styles to adapt to any profile.

If you are interested in knowing its different versions, pay attention to the following OneHOWTO article and discover the mullet haircuts for men: with bangs, with curls, tousled, Mohican style… And you, which mullet option do you prefer?

classic mullet cut

The classic or traditional mullet is back in fashion. This option for men is characterized by wearing longest hair at napewithout exceeding the neck, the shorter sides and the bangs to the middle of the forehead. The mullet haircut has a casual character and although it evokes the punks of the 80s and 90s, currently it tries to play with the texture and shape of the hair to give a personal and unique identity to whoever wears it. It is a different, daring and scruffy look that is reconquering the new generations.

Mullet Haircuts for Men - Classic Mullet Cut

Mohawk style modern mullet cut

We know that there are many men who decide to bet on a Mohawk cut and for them there is the option of making a modern mullet without giving up this style. It is the most hooligan mullet, although it shares characteristics with the classic one, since the idea is also to leave the hair longer at the back and shorter at the sides, but, in this case, adding the mohawk style to the sides and adding more volume in the back. It is a rebellious and very punk look, for the most daring.

Mullet Haircuts for Men - Modern Mullet Mohawk Haircut

mullet cut curly hair

Curly hair is perfect for the mullet haircut for men, since it gives it much more character, personality and style. The characteristic of curly hair is that it adds much more volume to the mullet, giving it a more casual image and a disheveled air. The idea is to let the curls invade both the upper part and the part of the never, that is, the longest areas of the cut. If you have curly hair, you like to wear it long and you want a flattering and current cut, the mullet is 100% for you.

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Mullet haircuts for men - Mullet cut for curly hair

Mullet for straight hair

And although straight hair is less voluminous, if this is your hair type, there is also a mullet option for you. The result will be a more modest mullet, without so much volume, but just as showy. The main feature, in this case, is that straight hair falls straight on the head, so the longest locks, those of the never, should be slightly blunt. Another option is to bet on the use of gels and gels that provide a greater texture or make a shredded or weathered to give it more volume. The result? A haircut with a more marked or subtle difference in length, to your liking.

Mullet Haircuts for Men - Mullet for Straight Hair

Mullet with straight bangs

The mullet haircut admits multiple versions thanks to its versatility. One of them is the option of wearing or not bangs. In this case, we recommend you go for straight bangs that add more personality and daring to the cut. Remember that the mullet is a very marked and symmetrical cut, so the straight and square bangs will be the final icing to frame the face. Besides, the shorter the bangs, the more personality you will give the cut. The best option is to look for marked angles in the transition between the forehead and the sides to generate contrast. Total look!

Mullet Haircuts for Men – Mullet with Straight Bangs

short mullet

The short mullet is another alternative, a very wolf cut hairstyle. Is about make many layers in the cut, in addition to cutting the length of the neck and betting on giving a lot of volume at the top of the head. In this way, the cut minimizes the difference between the two parts, ideal for those who do not want to see a sudden change or a disconnection between the two. This short mullet will give you a casual, casual and very current air.

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Mullet Haircuts for Men - Short Mullet

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