16 May 2023

Nails with stones: designs and how to glue them

By Killian

Nails with stones: designs and how to glue them

The world of manicure is very diverse and every year new trends come out to be able to have impeccable hands and with more original designs. That is why, while a few years ago the most demanded was a matte and elegant nail polish, today experiments have come to the point of including reliefs and decorations on the nails. That is why nail designs with stones are being a revolution.

The rhinestones for nails and the brilliants on the nails are seen more and more frequently among the hands of the people and that is why in this new oneHOWTO article we are going to show you some nail ideas with stones: designs and how to glue them.

diamond nail design

After the success of series like Euphoria and all the aesthetics of aesthetics and glitter, the truth is that one of the biggest trends in nail decoration has been apply tiny diamonds in different shapes to give shine and a little different to your nails. These diamonds usually have an adhesive on their base and they come in different colors, shapes and sizes. However, one of the most commonly seen are the silver classicswhich you can place on one or all of your nails giving a flash of shine.

Nails with stones: designs and how to glue them - Nail design with diamonds

Nail design with crystal stones

If what you want is a more elegant tone that, without going unnoticed, looks more in line with your look and your way of being, the best thing you can do is add some details of glass stones to your manicure. These types of stickers are not as flashy as diamonds but they give a special touch to the manicure by giving bright sparkles. You can choose to put the crystals around the nail, on the tip or even use a finish for the entire nail. you choose in function of your look or your style

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Nails with stones: designs and how to glue them - Nail design with crystal stones

nail design with pearls

If what you want is something completely sophisticated but you don’t want to ignore the fashion of stones on your nails, the best thing you can do is choose to put some nails in your manicure. small hidden pearls that are elegant with your look. It is the same type of adhesive than for diamonds but its appearance is white, brilliant and rounded. With a pink or nude enamel base, they look spectacular for any occasion.

Nails with stones: designs and how to glue them - Nail design with pearls

Nail design with colored stones

The world of manicure is completely varied and that is why you not only have to stay with the option of opaque brilliants and a single tone, but you can fill your nails with color with all kinds of colored stones. Here the possibilities are endless. From painting a nail of each color and accompanying with stones of that color, to make a rainbow on each nail that matches any outfit you have. Without a doubt, a good alternative to attract joy.

Nails with stones: designs and how to stick them - Nail design with colored stones

Nail design with whole stones

Until now we were talking about performing a type of manicure in which the adhesive stones were a small and subtle complement to the nail. However, there is a style of nail stones that consists of covering the entire nail, making it each of your fingers ends in a precious stone full of brightness and color. It is undoubtedly one of the most daring styles, but if you have a special event or want to stand out and attract attention, these designs I’m sure they go with you.

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How to glue stones on the nails

Despite the fact that the stones have their own adhesive, the truth is that we use our hands throughout the day and to prevent them from peeling off and falling off, a manicure technique must be followed. To stick stones on your nails, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your nails be clean and free of any residue. Then, apply a base coat in the nails.
  2. Take the stones you wish to use and place them on a flat surface.
  3. apply a small amount of special adhesive nail clip on the back of each stone.
  4. Place each stone in its desired location on the nail. Be sure to press gently to ensure good adhesion.
  5. Let dry nails for a few minutes.
  6. apply a top coat layer to seal the stones and give them a shiny finish.

It is important to be careful when applying the stones to the nails, because if they are placed in the wrong place they can be hard to move. If you need to move a stone, it is better remove it and put it back in its correct place. This adhesive can last up to two weeks intact if you take good care of it and try not to hit yourself.

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