30 June 2023

rabbit breeds

By Killian

rabbit breeds

Rabbits are mammalian animals of the lagomorph family (herbivores) of which there are specimens both in the wild and domestic. There are more kinds of rabbits than it might seem, from those of impressive size, to the smallest or ‘toy’, many of which are cute and adorable pets. Especially if you are thinking of taking one home, you are interested in knowing the rabbit breeds most popular, some of which we have collected for you in this OneHOWTO article.

Flemish Giant

We start with the one that is considered the biggest rabbit in the world, since, although their average weight ranges between 7 and 10 kilos, there are animals that can even exceed 15 kg. Despite its imposing size, it is a breed of Quiet character and even ‘good-natured’ and, like most of his peers, quite skittish. Its coat is rather short and it can be in very different shades from gray or brown (the most abundant), until completely white or black.

Rabbit breeds - Flemish Giant

rex rabbit

Is he quintessential domestic rabbit and there are different types or sub-races of it. Smart, sociable and affectionate, rexes are considered to originate from the European continent, and more specifically from France.

These are specimens of quite large sizebetween 3 and 4 kilos, which can ‘boast’ of a soft wavy fur which can be of different colors. Like the rest of the rabbits, their diet is based mainly on hay, although to keep their fur shiny they also need to take some feed rich in protein. It can be found in a ‘toy’ version, that is, a mini rex rabbit, ideal as a pet.

Rabbit Breeds - Rex Rabbit


The belier is one of those types of rabbits that it is almost impossible not to try to caress given the sympathy and tenderness that they give off at first sight. There are also different varieties, one of the best known being the belier in Dutchsmall in size, but strong and muscular and ‘irresistible’ with his long drooping ears. Although somewhat shy, they are friendly and playful.

Rabbit Breeds - Belier

hott rabbit

It is also known as hotot white rabbit because, indeed, the target is the predominant coloration in most of the specimens, although curiously, they usually present darker fur around the eyes, as if they were wearing some kind of mask. They are good pets and also one of the longest-lived breeds that exist, since these rabbits can reach exceed 15 years of life.

Rabbit breeds - Hotot Rabbit

Lion’s Head

This cute little animal is one of the usual pet rabbit breeds that draws special attention due to its unique fur. Is rather small (it does not usually exceed 2 kilos) and has considerable length of hair, which forms almost a ‘crown’ around its small face, as if it were the mane of a lion. It is a calm animal ideal to have at home and especially affectionate with children.

You may be interested in knowing how to care for a lionhead rabbit.

Rabbit Breeds - Lion's Head

mini lop rabbit

It looks a lot like the belier although it is originally from Germany and is usually a little older despite being also one of the smallest rabbit breeds and ideal for keeping as pets. Has the long, floppy ears and an especially broad head, in which it is difficult to see where the neck begins. It has a short coat in various shades, although browns predominate. Regarding his character, he needs some daily activity to feel comfortable and calm.

Rabbit breeds - Mini lop rabbit

angora rabbit

Its best known variety is the Angora ‘English’ and it is an animal that draws attention for its beautiful and soft fur, reminiscent of that delicate type of wool. Angora rabbits they are very friendlyso they are perfect to have at home, although it must be taken into account that their long fur requires special care when it comes to brushing.

Rabbit breeds - Angora rabbit

harlequin rabbit

The harlequin is a rabbit medium size – large of which there are different varieties, most of them having a short, showy coat, for example, in white with black specks or even in stripes in different shades of brown. Their big ears, which rise upwards and end in rounded tips, give it a look that is as nice as it is endearing. It is a breed of calm and affectionate rabbits, although they can be scared and nervous relatively easily.

Rabbit Breeds - Harlequin Rabbit

californian rabbit

Although they can already be found all over the world, these rabbits, as their name indicates, originate from the California area, in the United States and their own characteristics stand out: their size, quite considerable, their fur, with predominance of white tones, although with dark ears, tail and nose and, furthermore, the eyes, which attract attention for being very clear and even reddish. Although when they arrive at any home they seem shy and elusive, with some patience and affection, they are sociable animals who love to be with their owners.

Rabbit Breeds - Californian Rabbit

tan rabbit

It is one of the most striking rabbit breeds due to its dark fur in which the area of ​​the chest and ears stands out, in a beautiful golden brown, something reminiscent of some breeds of dogs such as the Doberman. It’s an animal affectionate and intelligentof medium size, and who needs some daily exercise to feel at ease.

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Rabbit Breeds - Tan Rabbit

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