21 May 2023

Rich girl manicure: what it is and designs

By Killian

Rich girl manicure: what it is and designs

Nail trends are something that change and are constantly evolving and that is why we can find everything from great designs with striking colors and shapes to simple manicures that convey elegance and discretion. Precisely, this last style has become more and more fashionable in recent times, coming to have its own definition and style that is increasingly being requested in beauty and manicure centers.

We are talking about rich girl fashion, a trend that is committed to simplicity and naturalness, but where no detail is left to chance. In this new oneHOWTO article we are going to teach you what is the rich girl manicure and its designs so that you go to the last with this style that, precisely, seems to be characterized by its concealment.

What is rich girl manicure

The name rich girl refers to rich girls or people with a high purchasing power who take care of themselves without pretending to do so. It may be that, in essence, this is the type of style that is promoted in this social class, but the truth is that over time everything has been mixed and globalized and today this fashion is one of the most reputable and requested, especially to be able to wear a manicure throughout the year and that it seems that it combines with everything and is always cared for.

The rich girl manicure is characterized by betting on some completely natural and discreet shapes and colors, handling a range of nude, light brown, beige and pale pink tones that can resemble the natural nail. On the other hand, it is essential to have a perfect shape and filing. In this way, there will be a very careful and sophisticated manicure that will be part of the whole of your look without being the focus of all eyes.

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Short manicure and matte tone

If what you are looking for is a manicure style that is the most simple as possible and that looks very subtle and elegant, the best thing you can do is get a rich girl manicure, but with a short and clean filing that has a matte finish. In this way, your nail will look elegant using colors that do not stand out much and that can be combined with any type of outfit. The best thing is that it is also very easy to maintain and, normally, if you don’t usually bite your nails, you won’t need gel or permanent nails, just a good manicure and a good nail polish that lasts for days.

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Rich girl manicure: what it is and designs - Short manicure and matte tone

Nude style manicure

The nude style has been one of the main trends in manicure for a long time and is now installed above all in rich girl nude fashion, as it offers the perfect combination between a careful and subtle style, with elegant and pastel tones of this type. of enamel. The nude style is characterized by having a matte finish and for having pastel tones ranging from lilac to yellow, beige or pink. In the case of the rich girl style, the nails must be filed long and clean and apply a good layer of permanent nude.

Rich girl manicure: what it is and designs - Nude style manicure

Natural finish manicure

Another of the forms of rich girl manicure that have become more fashionable and that more and more people are wearing is the natural finish. Even if it seems from afar that you are not wearing anything, this type of manicure has a almost perfect nail imitation. Your normal-shaped nail may not have the presence or look you want, but you don’t want to apply polish or very daring shapes. That is why this type of style consists of cleaning, filing and applying a nail polish in pink and transparent tones that will give your nail a very careful and subtle appearance, suitable for every day of the year.

Rich girl manicure: what it is and designs - Manicure with a natural finish

Manicure with beige tones

To finish with this rich girl manicure style, we have left one of the most conventional shades and shapes of this kind of style. As we said, this type of manicure is characterized by having a very subtle shape and tone and that is why tones are sought that are similar to the tone of the skin or of the nail itself. However, to counteract, they are intended to have long and outlined nails that do not have to be natural. Normally, they are usually applied to gel nails capable of lasting so that, despite not being a very striking tone, they end up standing out due to their shapes.

You can also try more brown or even pink tones, you should always think about the colors of clothes you usually wearyour skin tone and your preferences so that this manicure can last you weeks and always match your style and your look.

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Rich girl manicure: what it is and designs - Manicure with beige tones

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