17 April 2023

Slow feeder for dogs – What is it for and how to choose it

By Killian

It is a container or bowl for arranging and serving dog food whose appearance may be very similar to that of a traditional feeder, but differs by having some drawings, reliefs or bulges inside to make it difficult to access foodpreventing the dog from taking a large amount of food at one time and consequently slowing down the intake of food.

Slow feeder for dogs - What is it for and how to choose it - What is a slow feeder for dogs?

The main purpose of a slow feeder for dogs is implicit in its name and consists of make the dog eat more slowly, avoiding choking and favoring better digestion. But why is it so important to prevent your dog from eating too quickly? Simple, gluttonous dogs are more prone to choking on their food and vomiting after eating, but also to numerous gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea and excessive intestinal gas formation, overweight and obesity, as well as gastric diseases that can be very painful, like gastritis.

Also, a very voracious or anxious behavior at mealtimes is one of the main factors of risk of gastric torsion, which has a very high mortality rate among dogs, as we discussed in this other article: “All about gastric torsion in dogs.” And considering that some dog breeds tend to be particularly gluttonous, such as the classic case of the Labrador retriever and its obsession with food, using an anti-voracity dog ​​eater, instead of a traditional one, is an important preventive measure against all complications. that we just mentioned.

It should be remembered that puppies, whether mixed-breed or purebred, also tend to be particularly gluttonous. Therefore, it is highly recommended to accustom them from an early age to the use of slow feeders, as this will help us prevent the assimilation of very voracious behavior at mealtime. And speaking of better eating habits, you can also evaluate the benefits of raising your dog’s dining room, which are particularly important for older furry dogs and those who suffer from joint or mobility problems.

The guidelines to take into account when choosing the best slow eater for dogs are not very different from those we use to choose a good traditional eater. Therefore, we must pay attention to the following:

  • Size. We must ensure that the size and format of the container are appropriate for the size and morphological characteristics of our dog.
  • Materials. Another factor to take into account is what each anti-voracity feeder for dogs is made of, since it is important to ensure that it does not contain materials or substances that can be irritating or toxic to our furry ones and the other members of the home. In addition, it is highly recommended to give preference to the most resistant and washable materials, as this will help us make a better investment in the long term and will allow us to carry out a better and easier cleaning of the feeder. For all these reasons, ceramic, porcelain, food grade silicone or stainless steel are the most recommended materials.
  • inner relief. It is also worth taking a look at the type of drawing or relief that the anti-voracity feeder has inside, taking into account the type of diet you offer your best friend. For example, it is not the same to distribute feed pellets as a more liquid or pasty homemade meal.

Last but not least, it is imperative that your dog finds his new slow feeder comfortable and accessible. Remember that all change implies an adaptation process for your dog and you must be patient until he fully gets used to this new resource that imposes the need to eat more slowly. To help him in this process, you can put into practice the advice that we explain in the article “What to do if my dog ​​eats very quickly?”.

To help you in the task of choosing the best slow feeder for your dog, we share below a brief selection of the products best rated by those who already use them:

slow feeder eco friendly 3 in 1 by Pecute

The Pecute brand offers this versatile anti-voracity dining room model for dogs that includes a slow feeder container with mazes drawing, a bowl for water and a silicone mat that prevents both from slipping while the dog feeds. The water bowl is made of stainless steel and the anti-voracity feeder food grade silicone, is washable and suitable for serving dry feed and wet foods. Sizes S and M are also highly recommended for cats.

It is manufactured in four sizes (S, M, L and XL) and you can check its features and values ​​on Amazon through this link: Pecute slow feeder.

Edgeless anti-voracity feeder

Unlike the other slow feeders on this list, this anti-voracity feature has no edges, which gives it a very modern look and makes it easy to clean, preventing food residue from accumulating on the sides that can often occur in closed feeders. You can find it from different brands and, in general, it is a 100% environmentally friendly product and very safe for our dogs, since it is usually made of food grade silicone obtained from plants. Also, depending on the size chosen, you can even place it inside the feeder you already have.

You can read more about its characteristics and consult the different opinions on Amazon of the one we have selected for you by clicking here: Anti-voracity feeder without edges.

All for Paws Slow Feeder with 2 Mazes

It stands out for containing two interchangeable mazes that make the feeding experience more fun for the dog, stimulating its intelligence and reducing anxiety levels. It is also made of highly resistant ecological material, not containing PVC, BPA or phthalates. It is washable and can even be put in the dishwasher.

Another plus is that the All for Paws brand offers a full money-back guarantee in case customers are not satisfied with the product. To see more features, values ​​and refund conditions, check out the product on Amazon: All for Paws Slow Feeder.

Ito Rocky interactive bowl + dispenser for anxious dogs

The Ito Rocky brand offers one of the best anti-voracity feeders for dogs, because, in addition to the reliefs in the food bowl that slow down their intake, contains a small dispenser on top that makes it a kind of puzzle that helps reduce anxiety at mealtime and stimulates the dog’s intelligence. It is not an automatic dispenser, but the dog must figure out how to get the food out by turning it. Therefore, it is also an ideal tool to improve environmental enrichment. Another advantage is that it is made of resistant materials that are free of ABS and BPA.

It is available for purchase on Amazon in sizes small and mediumand can also be used with cats and other pets: Ito Rocky’s interactive slow feeder.

Flower-shaped feeder for gluttonous dogs

This option is highly recommended for dogs that eat too quickly and tend to choke, as the flower pattern inside prevents the dog from taking very large bites in one go. The material can vary depending on the brand, but prefer those made of polypropylene, which do not contain toxic materials and, preferably, have non-slip suction cups on the bottom.

You can buy it on Amazon: Flower-shaped feeder.

ceramic slow feeder

If you prefer to opt for a ceramic feeder because it is the material you like the most for this utensil, you should know that you can also get it with the classic relief on the inside that will slow down your eating. Of course, if your dog is very anxious to eat and you think it could hurt itself, we recommend opting for a less hard material such as silicone.

We highlight the Pawaboo feeder for being resistant and presenting some smooth and rounded reliefs, something to take into account in this type of material. You can get it on Amazon: Ceramic slow feeder.

Anti-voracity accessory for dogs

It is not exactly a feeder, but an accessory with reliefs that you can place inside a food bowl Traditional dog food to get your dog to eat more slowly, or use it as an environmental enrichment resource to keep your dog entertained when he is alone and prevent behavioral problems associated with separation anxiety, for example.

On the market you will find these accessories with very different shapes, but we recommend those that have blades, are made of food grade silicone and have suction cups at the bottom to prevent them from moving. On Amazon you will find several models, but we have selected the following for you: Anti-voracity accessory for dogs.

elevated slow feeder

There are many advantages that elevated feeders offer, such as prevent health problems related to poor digestion and derivatives of poor posture. For this reason, within our list of the best slow feeders for dogs, we could not leave out those that are supported at a certain height from the ground.

If you already have a raised feeder, we advise you to opt for the previous accessory to be able to take advantage of it and transform it into an anti-voracity one. However, if you have not yet tried one with these characteristics, we recommend looking for a resistant one that allows you to adapt the height to that of your dog and that is made with materials that are preferably respectful of the dog and the environment.

On Amazon you will find several models, but we recommend this one made of waterproof iron and stainless steel: Elevated slow feeder.

Tell us, which one have you chosen for your dog?

Slow feeder for dogs - What it is for and how to choose it - The best slow feeders for dogs