1 July 2023

Tabby Cat Breeds

By Killian

Tabby Cat Breeds

Both domestic and wild cats have features that remind us of tigers because they are actually ‘little’ cats. Some also have a particular coat, based on spots or stripes, which increases their brindle appearance. It is what is known as a ‘tabby’ pattern, one of the predominant ones in countries around the world. In some cases, the fur is the result of the evolution of the species itself and in others it is the result of studied crosses between different breeds. If it catches your attention to know and be able to distinguish the different tabby cat breeds that exist, in oneHOWTO we present the 10 most common ones.


It looks like a miniature or ‘toy’ tiger, but, in reality, it is a beautiful specimen, the result of cross a Bengal cat with other tabby cats. The toyger is a slender cat, with long limbs and a long tail, with a short coat in which the marked very dark, almost black, stripes on a light backgroundusually orange, so the brindle appearance is evident.

It is an intelligent animal that needs a good dose of daily physical activity and it was Judy Sudgen, a Californian breeder, who managed to create this beautiful breed.

Tabby Cat Breeds - Toyger

egyptian mau

Stands Out Among Tabby Cat Breeds oldest known and, indeed, it is believed that it descends from the revered cats that in ancient Egypt were linked to the pharaonic dynasty itself. The Egyptian Mau is pure elegance and its beautiful coat is characterized by presenting a silver gray background on which dark streaks or specks are visible. This little tiger is affectionate and playful, although somewhat shy around strangers.

Tabby Cat Breeds - Egyptian Mau


The ocicat is an American-bred cat that reminds of a specific type of leopard (he Leopardus pardalis) or ocelot, with which it has in common a shiny, light-colored coat, in which the specks or spots stand out. race is a cross between abyssinian cat and siamese and the result is this ‘ocelot cat’ reminiscent of a small leopard. It is of medium size and agile complexion and turns out to be an excellent pet due to its calm and sociable character.

Tabby Cat Breeds - Ocicat

american bobtail

Although American bobtail specimens can present various aspects, the tabby or brindle model predominates in them. They are easily recognizable, because its tail is noticeably smaller (half or less) than that possessed by most cats. It also has small ears with very marked tips, something that makes it resemble, even more, an elegant lynx.

His semi-long coat and dark lines that he presents give him that ‘wild’ and tabby cat look that is part of his charm. As for his character, he is calm and affectionate, although he is a born ‘explorer’ who may have a tendency to run away from home.

Tabby Cat Breeds - American Bobtail

pixie bob

It cannot be missing among the tabby cat breeds because the resemblance of these kittens to a small lynx is evident. Is a natural race (do not cross) coming from America. It is a medium-sized feline with short hair, although woolly in appearance, in which the dark elongated spots that give it the appearance of a lynxsomething that is accentuated with its pointy ears topped by some nice little hairs. The Pixie is an affectionate cat who loves to learn by playing.

Tabby cat breeds - Pixie bob

bengal cat

The name is already reminiscent of a tiger and it is that the Bengal cat, which is considered the fruit of a natural cross between a domestic cat and a feline of Asian originis a medium-sized animal with a strong complexion whose brindle coat is one of its hallmarks.

Its base tonality ranges from cream to orange and, on it, arise the irregular, dark specks that are accentuated especially in the rear part and in the tail. The Bengal is a curious and somewhat restless cat, although it adapts perfectly to the family environment.

In addition, the Bengal cat is one of the breeds of cats that do not shed hair and do not cause allergies.

Tabby Cat Breeds - Bengal Cat

european cat

The common European cat is one of the tabby cat breeds More popular and that it is considered that it could be a derivation of the African wildcat breed. He is a small intelligent cat like few others and very sociable. Its coat, short to medium length, can have different shades ranging from from silver gray to brownbut, in any case, the dark stripes are present, giving it that unmistakable brindle look.

Tabby cat breeds - European cat


Originally from the African continent, this is one of the most beautiful and least known tabby cat breeds. Sokokes are not very large kittens, with a strong build and amazing agility. His fur is brown hue – amber and in it stand out the rayas or ‘rings’ in darker shades. In Kenya, the country from which they come, it is said that the fur of these animals is reminiscent of the bark of the trees that are part of their natural habitat. Of character, he is somewhat restless but very sociable and affectionate.

Tabby Cat Breeds - Sokoke

Maine Coon

It is considered the biggest cat in the world Due to its dimensions and weight, it can easily reach 12 – 14 kg. Although there are some with a smooth coat pattern, brindle is the one that predominates in this breed, which is also characterized by the long hair with dark spots or lines that give it the characteristic ‘tiger effect’. Maine Coon cats are affectionate, talkative, and because of their size and gorgeous fur, it’s hard to resist pampering them.

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Tabby Cat Breeds - Maine Coon

american shorthair

Although not all the specimens of this breed are tabby, it is true that cats with a tabby pattern predominate, especially in the form of dark vertical stripes on a coat that is usually gray or very light brown. As their name indicates, these are short-haired animals that are also characterized by having a somewhat longer tail than usual, in which the brindle pattern is especially marked. They are calm, even somewhat lazy.

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Tabby cat breeds - American shorthair

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