17 April 2023

The best food for dogs in value for money

By Killian

The best food for dogs in value for money

I think is the most chosen option by caregivers to feed dogs of all ages and conditions. It is not surprising because it is an easy alternative to manage and store. In addition, it can also be economical, but not only the price is important. We cannot forget quality if we want to have a healthy dog.

The market offers so many options that it is not always easy to determine which ones are The best food for dogs in value for money. In the following AnimalWised article we review the brands that meet this criteria to help you choose the one that best suits your dog’s needs. We insist, a quality diet is the basis of good health.

1.NF Natcane

We begin the list with a Spanish brand, NFNatcane, highly valued and appreciated for its quality. It offers a high palatability, that is, a good flavor that pleases dogs, achieved based on Natural ingredients, no artificial preservatives or colorswith balanced and high quality formulas.

They sell several ranges that allow feeding all kinds of dogs. As an example of a good quality-price dog food, we can talk about its Gourmet range, specifically Beef and Vegetables for being monoproteic, that is, with a single protein, in this case from beef, hypoallergenic and free of cereals. Beef is the main ingredient, as it should be in a dog food. In addition, it is offered dehydrated, so no part is lost during the manufacturing process, as is the case when the meat is fresh, since when the water it contains disappears during cooking, its real final percentage is reduced. It is also hydrolyzed, which means that its proteins are broken, so that it is better assimilated and it is difficult for it to cause allergic reactions. The percentage of this meat is at least 37%.

He price per kgon average, stands at about 3.33 euro. For all these reasons, we highlight NFNatcane among the best dog food, valuing the relationship between quality and price. something they get because sell directly to their customers, without intermediaries.

The best food for dogs in value for money - 1. NFNatcane

2. Legend

Nor does it reach 4 euros per kg, on average, the feed of this other Spanish brand. His recipes are made with natural ingredients, intended for human consumption, which offer great palatability. They do not contain dyes or chemical preservatives.

They have several ranges, covering the needs of all types of dogs, so we can find products designed to improve joints, relieve skin problems such as dermatitis or specific for puppies or the elderly. In addition, they have recently launched new brands such as Lenda Vet, with veterinary feed also made with natural ingredients, and Lenda Foodie, which consists of a natural and homemade complete food.

Returning to dry feed, we can mention Original Chicken Lenda for medium-sized adult dogs, which contains a good percentage of dehydrated and hydrolyzed chicken.

The best food for dogs in value for money - 2. Lenda


The Arion brand employs natural ingredients in its recipes and offers different ranges aimed at dogs of all ages and conditions. In this list we stop, specifically, at the original range and in the variety for adult dogs made from chicken, which is incorporated dehydrated and in a good percentage. The result is a digestible and palatable feed with a price that, on average, exceeds 4 euro per kg.

The best food for dogs in value for money - 3. Arion

4. Alpha Spirit

This brand was born with the intention of offering dogs a diet as natural as possible, using for this purpose quality ingredients from the Mediterranean. In addition, they prepare their recipes with a cold system that they have patented to preserve all the nutrients.

We can look, for example, at his Primal Spirit range, made with fresh meat and which is the cheapest option, although the price per kg will depend on the variety we choose. Depending on the greater or lesser percentage of meat, it can oscillate between 3 and 5 euros per kg.

Another characteristic of this brand to highlight is that its feed is not completely dry, but rather semi-humid. This can be beneficial for those dogs with difficulties chewing hard food, such as the elderly. However, we must emphasize that, despite being a very good brand, not all dogs feel equally well, so in some we have observed mild diarrhea. That is why it is in the fourth position in our ranking of the best food for dogs in value for money.

The best food for dogs in value for money - 4. Alpha Spirit

5. Gosby

Gosbi uses quality raw materials that are prepared following a own cooking method which allows them to offer digestible and nutritionally balanced products. It is another of the brands that have different ranges to suit all budgets, although, logically, there will be variations in quality between them.

In this list we mention the Exclusive range, specifically the variety of chicken for medium-sized dogs, with a good percentage of dehydrated meat. It can be had for less than 6 euros per kilo.

The best food for dogs in value for money - 5. Gosbi


This UK company was born with the aim of improving the quality of dog food to keep them healthy and offer them a better life. They do not add artificial additives and are made with natural ingredients different varieties, such as sensitive For adult dogs, with a good percentage of free-range chicken, suitable for human consumption, accompanied by potatoes. The chicken is dehydrated and boneless. It is a hypoallergenic, palatable, highly digestible food and does not contain cereals. It can be found for a few 5 euro per kg.

The best food for dogs in value for money - 6. Simpsons

7. was

Era bases its recipes on quality ingredientschosen according to the benefits they provide to dogs, and without adding preservatives or dyes, with the aim of improving canine health.

For this list we choose the Millennium variety for medium or large adult dogs, based on chicken and pheasant. A fresh and boneless part and a dehydrated part are added to the meat. The kg is around 5 euros on average, because we can find differences depending on the store or the size of the bag we choose.

The best food for dogs in value for money - 7. Era

8. Acana

Acana is one of the most recognized brands in terms of quality, but its position in this list is explained by its price, since the kg, on average, exceeds 5 euros in varieties like Adult Dog Recipe. For the rest, we are dealing with products made with fresh and natural ingredients that have been awarded as “biologically appropriate”. The base is protein of animal origin, accompanied by vegetables and fruits. They have options for all types of dogs.

The best food for dogs in value for money - 8. Acana

9. Orijen

Orijen is another of the recognized quality brands, but, when assessing the relationship between quality and price, it cannot occupy the first positions, since the kilo, on average, around 7 euros in the original range. Of course, its products are considered “biologically appropriate” and offer varieties for all stages of canine life.

They use regional ingredients and focus on protein intake, controlling the amount of carbohydrates. The meat includes both fresh and dehydrated.

The best food for dogs in value for money - 9. Orijen

10. Rosie’s Farm

Closes this list the brand Rosie’s Farm, with varieties such as chicken and sweet potatowhich can be found for about 5 euro per kg. They are products that do not contain cereals and they are made with fresh meat, which means high biological quality proteins and good palatability, as well as digestibility. That is, the flavor is attractive to dogs and they make good use of the nutrients. Finally, it should be noted that they do without artificial additives.

Tell us, which of these dog food brands with good value for money do you prefer? Have you tried any? Share your experience in comments!

The best value for money dog ​​food - 10. Rosie's Farm

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