2 May 2023

The best non-dangerous guard dogs

By Killian

The best non-dangerous guard dogs

Adopting a dog at home is one of the most important decisions you can make at the family level. All members must be involved in caring for the dog, so it is important to be aware of this and make sure in advance that you are trained to care for it correctly. Guard dogs are no exception and, in addition, they provide security to the family nucleus that is always necessary.

Taking a guard dog into your home is one of the best decisions you can make, since you will find an affectionate and faithful companion who will know how to ensure the safety of your family in the face of any danger it detects. He will soon become a member of the family nucleus. To find out what they are The best non-dangerous guard dogs and its main features, at OneHOWTO we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Neapolitan mastiff

It is a dog with an imposing physique. His appearance is fierce and is large in size, factors that give it a considerable advantage among watchdogs. It was originally considered a watchdog by its breeders, since with its height and fierceness it allowed intruders who tried to enter their properties to be kept away.

His muscular body and almost 100 kilos of weight that the Neapolitan Mastiff has makes it a fantastic watchdog, much loved by Italian families of the time and today, as well as by those of the rest of the world.

Best Non-Dangerous Guard Dogs - Neapolitan Mastiff

shar pei

The adorable appearance of this dog of Chinese origin, with a face that conveys a lot of tenderness, hides its great skills as a guard dog. Since his origins, he was trained as a defense dog. The Shar-Pei is a very independent, loving and loyal to his familyvalues ‚Äč‚Äčthat make it a phenomenal watchdog.

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Best Non-Dangerous Watchdogs - Shar-Pei


The boxer is a brachycephalic dog that treasures a great intelligence and ability. It provides pleasant company, as long as you are surrounded by the close people of your usual environment.

When he has to deal with strangers or intruders, the boxer demonstrates his ferocity to protect his family. It is important to note that this breed has one of the most powerful bites due to the strength of its jaw. It is an excellent companion dog, but thanks to its abilities it is also a watchdog.

Best Non-Dangerous Watchdogs - Boxer

great dane

By nature, the Great Dane is considered a watchdog. His enormous size Gives you the look you need command respect and protect your family. It is one of the best breeds as a guardian of the home.

This dog is affectionate, playful, friendly and very patient with children. If you want the Great Dane to be the watchdog of your house, it had better be big enough, corresponding to the size of it.

Best Non-Dangerous Watchdogs - Great Dane


This breed of Japanese origins is commonly known as territorial and wary of strangers. Don’t be fooled by their handsome appearance: Akitas are good dogs and loyal to their family members, but somewhat intolerant of other dogs.

These dogs are from large, territorial and display great ferocity when the situation requires it, so they do not hesitate for a moment to defend their family. But they need to be trained by experienced handlers because of their haughty temperament. Thus, training sessions are very important so that the Akita becomes an excellent watchdog.

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Best Non-Dangerous Watchdogs - Akita


The Doberman receives great recognition due to its agility and its slim figure, but it should also be recognized for being one of the most intelligent dog breeds that exist. He has a past as a watchdog, long collaborating with the police and military.

This furry friend is very faithful and familiarwith a good learning capacity and it is not difficult to train it to carry out large jobs.

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Best Non-Dangerous Watchdogs - Doberman

chow chow

It is a dog that overflows tenderness in every way. He stands out for his physical characteristics, with a lion’s mane and a tongue pigmented between blue and black colors. Beyond its adorable appearance, it is a very overprotective of her family. It is also quite territorial, so it does not tolerate other people or animals getting too close to what it considers to be its area.

The protective personality of the Chow Chow makes it a perfect watchdog, being always alert and warning his family the arrival of an intruder. Protect yours until the last effort. It requires good training and training from a puppy to become the best caregiver in the family.

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Best Non-Dangerous Guard Dogs - Chow Chow

German shepherd

It is one of the favorite breeds for many people because of its leadership, skill and great fidelity. Frequently, German shepherds collaborate at airports or with the police acting as anti-drug dogs. They are excellent guide dogs, capable of completing police or military tasks.

These dogs have a Fabulous learning ability and they are very brave and loyal. If he is trained as a watchdog from puppyhood, he will become one of the best in this regard.

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Best Non-Dangerous Watchdogs - German Shepherd

pitbull terrier

Despite their bad reputation, Pitbull Terriers are not aggressive or dangerous dogs. They are not violent against people, since it is not part of their natural instinct, unless they feel threatened.

However, They are very active and playful dogs.. They need a human reference of great character to control and teach them to channel their dominant character. Is It is important that they start the socialization process from puppies and educate them from a young age to be able to manage their temperament, since otherwise in adulthood it is impossible to achieve it.

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Best Non-Dangerous Watchdogs - Pitbull Terrier


The reputation that he has as a dangerous dog does not do justice to the reality of the Rottweiler. He is a large dog, very capable and intelligent, which is why he is among the best watchdogs in the world. He is very affectionate with family and shows to have a lot of patience with the little ones in the home.

Despite everything, due to his remarkable intelligence and the prudence of his behavior, prefers to spend a good part of the time apart. I mean, he’s not a family lap dog. If you have children, it is essential to train your Rottweiler in the best possible way, since due to its strength and size some accidents could occur. In short, it is a reliable and loyal furry friend, one of the best breeds of watchdogs that exist.

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Best Non-Dangerous Watchdogs - Rottweiler

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