24 July 2023

The best shoes for summer

By Killian

The best shoes for summer

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy the sun, the beach and outdoor activities. And, of course, it is also the ideal time to renew your wardrobe and wear the most appropriate shoes for the time.

That is why if you are thinking about what type of footwear you can wear this season, in this OneHOWTO article, we present you The 10 best shoes for summer, each with their own unique style and focus on comfort. Get ready to give your feet the care and fashion they deserve!

strappy sandals

The strappy sandals They are a summer classic. They are light, fresh and extremely versatile. You can find them in one wide variety of styles, from elegant heeled sandals to comfortable flat sandals. Delicate straps add a feminine touch, and breathable materials like leather or textile allow your feet to breathe on hot days. Combine them with dresses, skirts or pants shorts to achieve a casual and chic look.

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The espadrilles They are the perfect footwear for a relaxed and beach style. These canvas or canvas shoes with jute or esparto soles are comfortable and fresh. Espadrilles come in different designs, from the classic closed toe to the open wedge sandals. Their versatility makes them an ideal option both for walking around the city and for relaxing on the beach. Combine them with shorts or dresses summer for an informal but stylish look.

The best shoes for summer - Espadrilles

canvas shoes

The canvas shoes They are another popular choice for summer. They are light, breathable and easy to use. You can opt for the classics moccasins or modern slip-ons. Durable canvas and vibrant colors make these shoes a perfect choice for any casual occasion. Wear them with chinos or jeans for a casual and fresh style.

Light sports shoes

If you are an active person and like to exercise even in summer, some light sports shoes They are essential. Look for shoes with breathable materials, such as mesh or knit fabric, that help keep your feet cool during your training sessions. Also, make sure they have good cushioning for give you the comfort you need. Whether you’re running, hiking or playing outdoor sports, lightweight running shoes will give you the right support.

The best shoes for summer - Light sports shoes


the mules are heelless shoes which have become increasingly popular in recent years. They are elegant, modern and easy to put on and take off. You can find them in different styles, from classic high heels to flats with bold embellishments. Mules are one ideal option for more formal occasions during the summer, such as outdoor dining or special events. Combine them with dresses or palazzo pants for a sophisticated and fashionable look.

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platform sandals

The platform sandals They are an excellent option for heel lovers looking for comfort. These shoes offer height and style, while providing stability and support. The platforms can come in different heights and materials, such as cork or jute, which are perfectly suited to the summer atmosphere. Pair platform sandals with a flowy dress or wide-leg pants for a fashionable summer look.

The best shoes for summer - Platform sandals

Water shoes

When it comes to water activities or days at the beach, water shoes are a must. These shoes are specifically designed to protect your feet in the water and on slippery surfaces. Look for water shoes with non-slip rubber soles and quick-drying materials for comfort. They are ideal for To practice water sportswalking on rocks or simply to protect your feet while having fun on the beach.

Flip flops

The flip flops are a summer staple that can not be missing in your closet. They are easy to carry, lightweight and perfect for use at the beach or pool. You can go for the classic rubber flip-flops or choose more elegant styles with details and embellishments. Although they are not suitable for long walksflip flops are the perfect choice for days of lounging and relaxing in the sun.

The best shoes for summer - Flip flops

Ballet shoes or flats

If you are looking for one more feminine and refined option, ballet shoes are an excellent choice. These lightweight and elegant flats are ideal for more formal occasions during the summer, such as weddings or special events. Look for designs with delicate details, such as laces or embroidery, to add a touch of sophistication to your outfit. Combine them with dresses or skirts for an elegant and chic look.

flat platform shoes

For lovers of comfortable but stylish shoes, flat platform shoes are the perfect option. These shoes offer additional height without sacrificing comfort. You can find them in different styles, from flat platform sandals to creepers. Combine them with shorts or midi skirts for a modern and fresh look during the summer.

The best shoes for summer - Flat platform shoes

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