20 April 2023

The largest cat breeds

By Killian

The largest cat breeds

There is a wide variety of cat breeds with different sizes. The largest ones stand out for their character and nobility. They can be considered as giants, transmitting a splendor that makes everyone fall in love. Such is their size that some of them even look similar to tigers, sharing attitudes and behaviors as they are calm and sleepy animals.

Large breeds of cats can be found in all countries, so the list is immense. For this reason, in oneHOWTO we make a compilation of breeds of giant domestic cats. To discover the 10 largest cat breedstheir physical and behavioral characteristics, we recommend that you continue reading this article.

siberian cat

The Siberian cat is a breed from Russia. It is characterized for being a feline with a primitive physique and medium to large sizewith a stocky build and its fur is medium long, dense and with a resistant and waterproof outer layer. This fine, bushy coat protects it from the cold in winter by keeping its body temperature warm.

This is a breed that exudes a miniature wild cat charm. It has the longest legs, a muscular body and exceeds 9 kg. He is considered an adult when he is 3 years old. Among his physical characteristics, his round head stands out, with a curved forehead, medium and wide ears and large eyes. The color of its eyes changes depending on the coat: yellow, gold, blue, green or bicolor tones.

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The largest cat breeds - Siberian cat

maine coons

Its name corresponds to the place of origin of the breed, that is, the Maine state (United States). The term “coon” is short for “racoon”, which means raccoon. Based on its name, it can be thought that the Maine Coon is a hybrid breed between the wild cat and the raccoon, but nothing is further from the truth.

An adult male Maine Coon reaches a height of more than 70 cm, with a weight that exceeds 10 kg. Despite its imposing size, it is an affectionate, playful and sociable cat, with a great ability to meow in different tones.

The largest cat breeds - Maine coon


The origin of the Nebelung breed occurred in the 80s in USA by crossing a Russian blue cat with a female long-haired common cat. From this crossing puppies with great fur and bluish tone were born. It is a characteristic breed of its area of ​​origin and is difficult to find in other parts of the world.

The Nebelung is a magnificent cat, with a long gray-blue hair and a weight that exceeds 6kg. It is robust and muscular, with erect ears, round yellow or green eyes, and a very furry tail.

The largest cat breeds - Nebelung

Norwegian Forest

The Norwegian Forest Cat is a breed of cat that is characterized by having a dense fur, which allows it to survive the low temperatures of the Scandinavian countries. They are felines with a robust build exceeding 9 kg weight in adulthood.

Despite their great weight, they are not excessively tall. It is a very wild breed of cat initially, with a great hunting instinct. They are fast and agile, but they also like to play and be friendly.

The Largest Cat Breeds - Norwegian Forest Cat

rag doll

Translated into Spanish as a rag doll, the Ragdoll is a breed that is the result of crossing other breeds such as the Siamese, Persian, and Burmese. It is a huge cat, temperament quiet and sleepy, with a habitual need to feel accompanied. In fact, it is part of the most affectionate cat breeds.

Another of its characteristics is that it has a long childhood, since it is considered that it reaches adulthood at 3 years of life. Regarding size, it reaches a height of more than 90 cm and a weight up to 9kg.

The largest cat breeds - Ragdoll

Persian cat

From Türkiye, the giant Persian cat is considered an aristocratic feline for being very serene and elegant and for having been part of royal families and high society for centuries. He is capable of captivating with a penetrating gaze, an aspect for which he is also known as the “lord of cats”.

The giant Persian cat has a large head, blunt snout and a muscular and strong body. It reaches 50 cm in length and a maximum weight of 7 kg.

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The largest cat breeds - Persian cat

oriental cat

It is a breed native to thailandwith a refined profile and a long face with refined, pure and subtle lines. It is medium to large size and has a slender figure, a muscular body, and fine, short, glossy fur.

As for his temperament, the oriental cat is arrogant and proud, but also lively, curious, faithful, sensitive and affectionate. Being sociable and playful, this feline breed does not tolerate loneliness well.

The largest cat breeds - Oriental cat


The savannah is a large cat, originating from a cross between a serval and a domestic cat. Have a slender body and is characterized by having some marbled or dotted specks on the body.

This feline haunts the 11 kilos of weight and is a rare breed. They are believed to be friendly and sociable, but very little is actually known about the Savannah’s personality.

Largest Cat Breeds - Savannah

scottish fold

The scottish fold is a breed native to Scotland which is characterized by its muscular build. It is medium in size and reaches 6 or 7 kg of weight. It has a rounded head, small folded ears, hence its name “fold”, a short muzzle, and short fur. About the temperament of this cat, it is calm, affectionate and friendly. It has a life expectancy of between 12 and 14 years.

The largest cat breeds - Scottish fold

british shorthair

It is a fairly large feline breed, a descendant of hybridization between cats that the Romans and natives of the island brought to Britain. Have a dense fur and almost waterproof that protects it from the characteristic cold of the British climate.

It’s a hunting cat large size and weighing more than 8 kg. His personality is defined as sweet and affectionate, he loves to feel loved and physical contact. Being cheerful and playful, it is a great company for children.

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The largest cat breeds - British shorthair

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