19 April 2023

Types of bangs for curly hair

By Killian

Types of bangs for curly hair

Who says that curly hair cannot be accompanied by beautiful bangs? The bangs can look great on any hair, what’s more, it is a plus that gives added value and helps us both to frame the face and to generate greater volume at the front of our head. Of course, when choosing the ideal bangs, you should take into account what type of curl you have, so that when it shrinks you do not get upset. As a recommendation, always cut the bangs dry, so you will avoid surprises. Next, in aHOWTO we will talk about the types of bangs for curly hair that may suit you better, taking into account, also, the haircut. Ready for a makeover? Get the most out of your curls!

Side parted bangs

If you are one of those who still does not dare to wear full bangs, this is the best version to enhance your curls: side parted bangs. It is a subtle, sinuous and sexy cut that, in addition, you can pick up whenever you want. It’s about a long bangs that will let your curls fall below the eye, if you do not dare to take it much shorter. What will mark the direction of your hair and, therefore, your bangs will be the parting on the side.

Remember that to make this bangs it is essential to cut it dry and with the usual curl that you usually wear, so that the measure is exactly what you are wanting. If you stretch the curl or do it wet, you will lose perspective of the result. Test it!

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baby bangs

Strengthen and frame your gaze, that is the baby bang effect, a short version of a classic fringe, but very flattering, especially if you want to lengthen your face or enhance those smaller features of your face. How is it achieved? this bangs gives us volume on the sidewhich compensates for the refined face.

This bangs, also in trend for straight hair, bring a youthful and fresh air to the face. The result is bangs that sit right at the middle of the forehead, although there is room to play with the length you want, especially if you have curly hair. If you want to be fashionable, the baby bang is your bangs.

Types of bangs for curly hair - Baby bang bangs

Rounded straight bangs

If you are one of those who wants to bet on a classic bangs and without much complication, here you have the rounded straight bangs. It is perfect for afro or very curly hair, since it softens the facial features and provides a little more control to the hair. In addition, with this type of bangs the curl and the hair looks much more naturallosing that excessive definition.

light bangs

If you have very fine hair, this bang is perfect for you. To recreate it, you just have to take a section of hair, not too thick, and leave the part between the eyebrows slightly shorterwhile the part of the temple it stays longer. With this bangs you will be able to clear the forehead in the central part.

This cut is very flattering for those fine and light curls, because its fall is very natural. Of course, avoid using any product that can weigh down your hair. The ideal for this type of curl is try curling it to make it look more voluminous. Test it!

Types of bangs for curly hair - Light bangs

Open and poorly defined bangs

For those who wish to respect the natural shape of her bangs, this option is ideal. It is about keeping a little defined and open bangs, something that is especially with long and highly textured hair. The curl or the slightly wavy part enhances the natural beauty of the face and gives us a carefree look and casual. If you like the simplicity and simplicity of your hair, this little defined bangs is ideal for you.

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shag bangs

Short bangs with a lot of volume on topThis is the shag bang version, another of this season’s trends. It is a perfect fringe for curly hair, with intense curls, or wavy, which gives us a rocker and groundbreaking touch. The shag bang is the opposite of the classic, square bangs, as it goes much more with a carefree style. To achieve that result the bangs should be degraded a lot.

The shag bang is a mix between the curtain bangs and the degrafilado bangs, which enhances our face and our hair with a blurred effect. If your thing is to rock, this is your bangs.

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Types of bangs for curly hair - Shag bangs

curly mullet with bangs

Fun, sexy and very easy to comb, this is the mullet curly, an ideal cut for curly hair that features carefree bangs disconnected from the length of the hair. It’s about a perfect cut for those short curly hair. The fall of curly bangs enhances naturalness and helps to give more volume to the top of the head. Do you dare to try it?

Micro bob with straight bangs

Mixing curly with straight is not always a bad option. Currently, combining both textures is an unavoidable trend, especially if we bet on cuts like the bob or micro bob. On this occasion, we encourage you to try a fringe very short and smooth that will contrast with the curl of your hair and will bring much more strength and power to your look.

The curly micro bob with straight bangs is undoubtedly a cut with character. And if what bothers you the most is thinking about straightening your bangs every day, you can try the keratin application in the part of the bangs to straighten your hair temporarily. Safe bet!

Types of bangs for curly hair - Micro bob with straight bangs

curtain bangs

For those who have the long or midi curly hair but they do not want to avoid a beautiful bangs, the curtain bangs are ideal for them. It’s about a very 60s look but that brings a lot of light and frames the face in a very subtle way and that, in addition, takes years off, as well as being very versatile.

The curtain bangs is shortest of the centerit lengthens sideways. Although it has nothing to do with straight bangs, it is quite similar to it, because it occupies the most of the forehead and it can look both very defined curly, and something more wavy, an ideal option to combine textures.

Blunt curly bangs

Blunt curly bangs look great in updos, so if you’re a fan of high buns or ponytails, this could be a good ally for you. He blunt bangs is achieved by generating different lengths from the central part of the forehead, above the eyebrow approximately, while you let the sides go down to integrate it under the eye. Of course, it is a type of bangs that does not necessarily have a connection with the rest of the manewhich helps to give a much more chic and groundbreaking touch.

if you have the square or very round facethis type of curly bangs can be a great option for you.

Types of bangs for curly hair - Blunt curly bangs

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