24 July 2023

Types of hunting dogs

By Killian

Types of hunting dogs

The hunting instinct of dogs is innate in many breeds. Over the years, some of them have been enhancing their hunting skills and others have developed to help humans in related tasks, learning specific skills that are very useful to ensure that hunting activities are carried out successfully.

It is important to note that not all hunting dogs are the same. Some breeds have more apt characteristics to be trained to hunt birds and small animals, capturing the prey under the hunter’s responsibility, while other hunting breeds have a very powerful sense of smell and track their prey, locate it and catch it until the hunter arrives. To discover the different types of hunting dogs that exist and their main characteristics, at OneHOWTO we recommend that you continue reading this article.


Greyhounds are one of the dogs that most help to carry out hunting activities successfully. They have physical characteristics that allow them to reach high speeds, becoming, due to their speed, dogs ideal for catching prey that run very fastas is the case with hares.

In fact, the maximum speed at which a greyhound can run is 72 km/h, a very outstanding record to help in hunting work together with its calm, athletic, intelligent and quiet character. Among the greyhounds, there are different breeds, such as the Spanish greyhound and the Arabian greyhound.

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Types of hunting dogs - Greyhounds


This group of dogs is characterized by having a stout appearance and possessing a strong jaw. Historically, they have been trained to take larger prey such as deer, wild boar, and even bear.

They have a determined and stubborn temperament, so they do not give up easily when faced with the challenge of catching prey no matter how difficult it may be. With an approximate height of 56 to 65 cm and a weight that ranges between 50 and 65 kilos, they have a powerful physique for hunting. Within this group are the Argentine bulldog and the presa canario, among others.

Types of hunting dogs - Prey dogs


Bloodhounds are dogs with a highly developed sense of smell, so they are an ideal companion to locate the trail left by the trajectory of prey. Usually, they help a lot in small game hunting, but they also have the ability to locate larger prey such as deer and wild boar. Among the hound dogs, there are different breeds such as the beagle and the basset hound.

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Types of hunting dogs - Hounds

pointing dogs

Known in English as ‘pointers’, pointing dogs are very effective when it comes to recognizing the prey, as well as to inform the hunter. They have an instinct that makes them show or point their snouts at the place where the hunted animal is.

Among the most representative pointing dogs are the English Setter with an average height of 64-69 cm, the French Pointer with a height of 47-58 cm and the Korthals Griffon with a height ranging from 56 cm to 61 cm.

Types of hunting dogs - Pointing dogs


Terriers are known as burrowing dogs. Due to their small size (they do not usually exceed 12 kilos and have a height that ranges from 42 cm to 48 cm), they are very adept companions for hunting small game and small game. Therefore, it is a ideal dog for hunting small animalseither above or below ground. Terriers include different breeds, such as the Airedale Terrier and the American Pit Bull Terrier.

Types of hunting dogs - Terrier


To this day, the golden retriever breed is considered one of the best dog breeds to do rescue or auxiliary work. They are also excellent companion dogs thanks to their gentle nature, as well as being affectionate and intelligent.

However, originally they were considered hunting dogs due to their skills to search and recover game who had been injured or killed during the hunting activity. With a height that oscillates between 51 cm and 61 cm and a weight between 25 and 34 kilos, they have remarkable physical power for hunting. Another breed of retriever dog is the Labrador retriever.

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Types of hunting dogs - Retriever


The spaniel was originally bred for the removal of small game pieces from the thicket. These dogs have a great ability to quickly reconnoitre territory and to find downed prey with great ease. Because of these abilities, the spaniel is one of the essential hunting dog breeds. Within this group we find the Breton spaniel and the cocker spaniel.

Types of hunting dogs - Spaniel

water dogs

Water dogs are highly valued by hunters since they have a great facility to carry out quick and agile movements both in and out of the water. Therefore, they are very good collaborators when it comes to catching waterfowl in rivers and swamps.

To these abilities we must add the innate hunting instinct of this type of breed. For this reason, they are one of the dogs that are most used for hunting. Water dogs include different breeds, such as the Spanish water dog and the Portuguese water dog. It may interest you How to know if a water dog is pure.

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Types of hunting dogs - Water dogs

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