17 April 2023

Types of intermittent fasting for weight loss

By Killian

Types of intermittent fasting for weight loss

Within our society, today one of the great concerns in terms of health and well-being is being able to lose weight and remove those extra kilos that may be harming our quality of life. That is why being able to maintain an active life and with a good balanced diet becomes something key. For this, today there are numerous types of food and diets that can help us achieve our goal.

If you’re looking for extra help and to be able to see results a little faster than with a standard healthy style, many people will choose to fast. That is why in this new OneHOWTO article we are going to tell you about the types of intermittent fasting for weight loss and some recommendations.

one day fast

One of the most commonly recommended fasts when thinking about losing weight and being able to take care of your health is the 24-hour or full-day fast. The truth is that, in order to have a healthy diet, it is not recommended in any case to stop eating. However, it has been shown that by depriving the body of food for a day, it begins to speed up metabolism and It is a quick and safe way to remove all the excesses and make the body work. In this type of fast, you must wait 24 hours without eating anything solid until after 24 hours, and then continue with your normal diet.

alternate day fasting

For more advanced cases, there is the alternative of being able to combine some normal days with others with fasting. In this case, the recommendation is that you are always accompanied and monitored by experts and that, in no case, can it be advisable to go for long periods without eating what is necessary. With some guidelines from nutritionists and willpower, in this type of fasting you can combine the 24-hour fast for several alternate days. However, it is a type of fast that it is not recommended to lengthen for a long time, since despite seeking to burn fat, the truth is that the body needs a routine and a source of healthy nutrients instead of cutting off food contributions for long periods and without supervision or vitamin supplements.

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Types of Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss - Alternate Day Fasting

Fast 12:12

This type of fast It is one of the most recommended, since you can include it in your daily routine without taking any risk and being able to see the results after a few weeks. It is simply about advance dinner and breakfast times so that, from dinner to the next meal, 12 hours have passed, which are usually asleep or at rest. This, accompanied by a healthy and balanced diet, is one of the most recommended ways to use fasting in your day to day. Also, being a very light fast, you will not lose muscle mass, but it will give your digestive system a break and you will feel lighter.

Fast 16:8

For people who are already a little more initiated in the world of fasting, one of the most effective alternatives is the 16-hour fast. It may seem like a long time, but it basically consists of eliminate breakfast to start ketosis. Of course, if your pace of life is very fast, you should first consult a nutritionist who will assure you of the best way to be energized and well nourished during the process. However, with this type of fast, you will quickly see the results and, if you eat well, you can complement it with cardio exercise. It is one of the fasts that is most often carried out within all the modalities, since it is acceptable for our body, but we can quickly see the results. However, as we say, It is essential that the power supply be studied and thought for each type of person and needs to be able to endure those schedules.

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Fast 5:2

The last type of fasting that we have come to show you is one that combines the type of diet during the week. Specifically, the goal is to be able to do two days of intermittent fasting and the other five, eating normally. Of course, in order to have good results, it must be taken into account that the basic diet must be very balanced and balanced, which will mean that, if it already favors weight loss, fasting will be an extra push. In addition, the type of fasting is not total, but it is intended that only 25% of the calories ingested be eliminated. This can be achieved by eliminating, for example, dinner and eating healthy and light the rest of the day.

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