4 May 2023

Types of Pitbull Dog Breeds

By Killian

Types of Pitbull Dog Breeds

Many people tend to view the pit bull as one of the most dangerous dog breeds. However, this belief is nothing more than an erroneous vision, since a dog will be dangerous or not depending on the education and attention that its owner gives it. In addition to this, there are also those who are unaware of the types of pitbull dog breeds and think that it is just a dog with the same characteristics.

In this OneHOWTO article we are going to review types of pitbull dog breeds With photos so that you know all that there is, as well as the characteristics that define each one of them, you will be surprised!

Where does the pitbull breed come from?

The history of the pit bull should not be overlooked. This dog was the result of different crosses that were made between terriers and bulldogs, in an attempt to combine in a dog the characteristics that each breed possessed: the anatomy and strength of the bulldog, the character of the terrier, etc.

As a result of these crosses, between the 19th and 20th centuries, specimens of the one known at that time were recorded, as a new American Pitbull Terrier or APBT breed in its initials. It is from this moment that we can begin to talk about the types of pitbull dog breeds.

Important aspects to highlight about the pitbull breed

It is important to be clear about the following:

  • The American Pitbull Terrier breed is the best known and recognized officially.
  • Within the American Pitbull Terrier breed there are different varieties of colors that give the dog a different name depending on the color.
  • On the other hand, there are other officially recognized pit bull dog breeds that are related to the pit bull but are not the same as the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT).
  • Finally, there are some dogs with names that have been popularized as types of pit bull, but are not officially recognized and do not belong to any of the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) varieties.

american pitbull terrier

He the quintessential pitbull breed officially recognized, and from which other varieties derive whose difference lies mainly in the color of the fur. In fact, it was from this specific pitbull that other derivatives of the breed began to be created. The American Pitbull Terrier is very intelligent and despite the false belief that this breed can be aggressive, it is a balanced and friendly dog. As we get tired of remembering, the important thing is to provide it with the necessary care so that it grows in a balanced way and receives good training.

  • Weight: males between 16kg and 27. Females from 13kg to 23kg.
  • The best: his great intelligence and his tireless desire to work.
Types of Pitbull Dog Breeds - American Pitbull Terrier

staffordshire bull terrier

This type of pitbull dog breed is particularly known for getting along great with children, so if you have ever wondered if it is dangerous to have a pitbull with a child, perhaps this type of pitbull breed is your best option. In fact, it is also known as babysitter dog for this characteristic of his so particular. However, he remembers that a dog does not have to be dangerous if you take care to educate him correctly. In this article we explain how to train a pitbull so that it is not aggressive.

It is one of the smallest defense dogs, although it is endowed with great muscles.

  • Weight: from 11 kg to 17 kg.
  • The best: his relationship with children.
Types of Pit Bull Dog Breeds - Staffordshire Bull Terrier

american staffordshire terrier

Also known as the Amstaff, this breed of pit bull has a big muscles which is especially highlighted on his chest. Although he is not the largest pitbull, he has a lot of strength and although he can be a calm dog, responds to stimuli that make you react easily, such as moving objects (something common in most dogs). The difference is that the anatomy and strength of this dog can make it more cumbersome and pounce on someone, even if it’s playing. As for its fur, it usually has spots, although it can also have a single color in its nuanced-looking fur.

  • Weight: Both the male and female American Stafforshire Terriers can weigh up to 35 kilos.
  • The best: his friendly nature.
Types of Pit Bull Dog Breeds - American Staffordshire Terrier

bull terrier

It is probably the most easy to differentiate due to the characteristic shape of its head and its small triangular eyes, which distinguishes it from any other dog. It is also one of the smallest pit bull breeds at the height level. However, he has a robust and muscular physique and possesses a lot of strength. It is also possible to find a smaller version of this pitbull breedthe miniature bull terrier.

  • Weight: 28kg approximately.
  • The best: they love to play and are very loyal to their owners.
Types of breeds of pitbull dogs - Bull Terrier


is a very similar to red nose so it is easily confused with this type of pit bull breed. His eyes are either blue or black and his fur is completely white and stands out for the absence of stains.

Types of Pitbull Dog Breeds - Cobra

blue nose pitbull

The blue nose pitbull or blue nose pitbull is one of the types of pitbull breeds officially recognized as a variety of the APBT breed, that is, American Pitbull Terrier. It is characterized mainly by its metallic gray color and his snout bluish gray, from which it gets its name. Being a difficult color to find, they are usually sold more expensive, but the truth is that the only thing that changes compared to another dog of the same breed is its color.

  • Weight: Between 15kg and 28kg.
  • The best: He is a very friendly dog.
Types of pitbull dog breeds - Blue nose pitbull

red nose pitbull

It is originally from Ireland and its main characteristic is its brown fur and along with its reddish muzzle and honey-yellow eyes. owns a strong but thin anatomy, with more elongated legs than other types of pit bull dog breeds. It is also considered a variety of the American Pit Bull Terrier (APBT) breed.

  • Weight: It can vary between 25kg and 30kg.
  • The best: like the previous one, it is a very friendly dog.
Types of pitbull dog breeds - Red nose pitbull

american bullies

This breed of pitbull dog has a rude and imposing physical appearance. He is one of the shorter types of pit bulls, although his head and body are large considering his height. This breed is not recognized in all international organizations, since some consider this dog as a hybrid or mixed breed.

  • Weight: It varies depending on your height.
  • The best: Relaxed and fun character.
Types of pitbull dog breeds - American bully


Unfortunately, it was another of the pit bull breeds designed to win dog fights. This line of pitbull bloodlines has its origin in the year 1889 when John P. Colby used the best dogs that immigrants brought to form the perfect dog. Unfortunately, John P. Colby got his way and his dogs became the best in the dog fighting scene.

However, today, this pit bull breed is extremely intelligent and loyal.

  • Weight: Between 15kg and 20kg.
  • The best: He is an excellent watchman with the little ones.
Types of Pitbull Dog Breeds - Colby

Chamuco or Mexican pitbull

They come from Mexico and they were created by crossing pit bulls with other types of breeds, such as american bullies and boxers. They are short dogs, with a robust body and their breeding is mainly linked to fighting. It is one of the dogs not recognized as an American Pitbull Terrier breed, but over time it has become famous believing that it is a type of Pitbull. owns a rounded snout and a powerful jaw and its legs are short.

Types of Pit Bull Dog Breeds - Chamuco or Mexican Pit Bull


Another of the dogs not officially recognized as a pitbull breed. Like most of these dogs the pynat has a great musculature despite being of a slimmer build. Likewise, its snout is also longer and thinner. Their coat can be both brindle and spotless.

  • Weight: around 30 kg.
Types of Pit Bull Dog Breeds - Pynat


Coming from the United States, one of the most distinctive features of this breed of dog is its white fur covered with dark spots, usually black. Unlike the previous ones, its musculature is not so developed.

  • Weight: about 20 kilos.
  • The best: They are calm and perfect as pets.
Types of Pitbull Dog Breeds - Spike


This is the nickname given to one of the types of pit bulls created exclusively to win fights. In the world of fights, a dog with qualities “gameness“It is synonymous with having a fighting instinct, a fight that goes beyond its own survival.

Types of Pitbull Dog Breeds - Game

Are pitbull dogs dangerous?

For most people, the pit bull is one of the most dangerous and aggressive breeds. We have heard about their big jaws, muscular body and strength, and that they are fighting dogs. this breed got a bad reputation with the years that it is difficult to put aside, although little by little it is being achieved.

We must take into account that the different breeds of pit bulls have been mistreated by man for years and used so that an aggressive instinct is born in them that helps them during fights. This demonstrates that the most dangerous race is human. Pitbulls that grow up in an environment where they receive love, affection, and good socialization, as well as proper training from puppies, can be perfectly balanced dogs. However, the opposite can happen if they fall into the wrong hands.

Is a pitbull dangerous for children?

A pitbull that meets the above characteristics: a good socialization, a good training since it was a puppy and that it has grown up in an environment in which it has been provided with the necessary care does not have to be dangerous for a child. However, let’s not forget that they are strong dogs, with well-developed and highly skilled muscles, so even unintentionally they can pounce on us. In the case of a small child, this can be a problem, but the dog will not do it with the intention of causing harm. Now, we can always educate the pitbull so that it does not pounce on others and is calm and respectful with the little ones.

Types of Pit Bull Dog Breeds - Are Pit Bull Dogs Dangerous?

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