28 June 2023

What are the types of wasps in Spain?

By Killian

What are the types of wasps in Spain?

Some are native to the Iberian Peninsula and others have arrived by different routes, being considered, in some cases, invasive species. Wasps, with their unmistakable black and yellow colours, are resistant insects of the Hymenoptera family, that is, endowed with membranous wings, of which there are numerous varieties that differ in size, color or habits. There are many kinds of wasps and most are noticeable from the arrival of spring until the end of summer. If you want to know What are the types of wasps in Spain?in this OneHOWTO article we detail the ones that you will be able to find most frequently.

common wasp

The vespula vulgaris It is the wasp that can be seen most frequently in the summers of the Iberian Peninsula. It is the common wasp, easily identifiable by its yellow and black colors and by its small size, since they do not usually exceed 20 millimeters in length.

No it is an insect especially aggressivealthough its sting is painful. These wasps usually make their nests in protected places such as, for example, in the holes that may be in the trunk of the trees.

A variety of these common specimens, increasingly common among wasps in Spain, is the germanic yellow jacketvery similar to the previous one but that you can identify by looking at their pawssince they are yellow.

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What are the types of wasps in Spain - Common wasp

potter wasp

It is increasingly common to see their nests in wall recesses, projections p flower beds in parks or gardens. The eumeninae wasps, of which there are many different species, they occur in warm climates such as the central and southern areas of Spain. Are easily detectable for their nests made with clay as small ‘amphoras’ in which the larvae can develop protected from the high temperatures and potential predators.

What are the types of wasps in Spain - Avispa alfarera

european hornet

As you can guess from the name, it is a sizable wasp that has found in Spain a habitat with the necessary conditions for its optimal development. The vespa crabro, which can exceed 3 cm in length, has a yellow abdomen and reddish legs. He usually does his nests in the hollows of the wood and despite its large size, in principle, it does not pose a danger to people (except allergies). As a curiosity, it must be said that it is an insect that has five eyes and that although they can be found throughout the Iberian Peninsula, it is the northwest area, in Galicia, where their presence is greatest.

What are the types of wasps in Spain - European hornet

asian wasp

It is easy to confuse it with the European hornet but this wasp is much more dangerous. The vespa velutina It is an invasive species, native to Southeast Asia, which has reached Europe and, in recent years, has settled in Spain, especially in the north.

It is especially aggressive lives in nests, in which hundreds of specimens are concentrated, which should not be approached. Morphologically they differ from the hornet in that they are usually somewhat smaller and in that their thorax is totally black. Its abdomen is also dark and only a single orange end segment. This wasp feeds on other insects including butterflies or beneficial bees, which is partly why it has a deservedly bad reputation.

Mammoth Wasp

The mesgascolia maculata It is also found among the large Spanish wasps. It is an insect solitary and not very aggressive character which also fulfills an important pollinating function.

can reach the 5cm long and it is easily recognizable by the four circular yellow spots that stand out on its black abdomen. The mammoth wasp is a native species and despite its imposing size and the power of its jaws, this insect It does not usually bite people (unless it feels threatened).

What are the types of wasps in Spain - Mammoth Wasp

European paper wasp

It is present in practically all Mediterranean countries and it is one of the most common wasps in Spain. The Polistes dominula It stands out for having a very thin abdomen, intense yellow with black stripes, and a very marked waist. It is known as paper wasp or cardboard wasp due to the appearance of their nests, which are reminiscent of paper since they are made with secretions based on tiny pieces of wood chewed.

What are the types of wasps in Spain - European paper wasp

eastern hornet

The vespa orientalis is a exotic species not native to Spain but that, each time, it is easier to find, especially on the Mediterranean slope and also in Andalusia. It is similar in size to the Asian hornet, although it is difference from him in his coloring, in which brown and reddish tones predominate. It is a wasp that is especially harmful to other insects and specifically to bees, whose hives it does not hesitate to raid.

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What are the types of wasps in Spain - Eastern hornet

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