17 April 2023

What is the best bird food?

By Killian

What is the best bird food?

Birds are some of the most affectionate and intelligent companion animals, and their large plumage never goes unnoticed in a home or outdoor space. Characterized by their longevity, birds are the perfect companions to maintain a beautiful bond for years. Likewise, the characteristic song of a bird can be a privilege when it comes to heating a home.

Another advantage of having a feathered companion is that their food is one of the most affordable on the animal market. For this reason, more and more animal lovers decide to expand the family with a pet bird. However, although they seem very basic animals a priori, birds also need minimal care to take care of their health and enjoy a good quality of life. But,what does a domestic bird eat? If this question sounds familiar to you, you are probably looking for the best products for your parakeet, parrot, parakeet, lovebird or goldfinch. However, finding the best foods to feed a bird is a process that can generate doubts and concerns, especially if you want to provide the best nutrients to your new companion. Therefore, to address this issue, below we break down what is the best bird food, foods available in portals with January offers such as complementosparaaves.com. These foods will also serve to feed wild birds that often visit your garden.


Together with the seeds, the birdseed forms a menu ideal for parakeets and canariesTherefore, both products must be a priority element in their diet. Its intake can occur either through mixtures of both products or by offering the ingredients separately.

In the specific case of the aforementioned birds, it is important to consult the seeds with which it is convenient to offer the birdseed. To do this, you can consult these articles:

What is the best bird food?  - birdseed


The seeds are a real bestseller in stores specializing in birds, since they are presented as a star product in terms of vitamins, carbohydrates and nutrients. Therefore, if you are looking for a good nutritional base, seeds can make a difference in your bird’s diet.

Among the catalog of products, we can highlight the following seeds as the most recommended when it comes to bird food:

  • millet seeds.
  • sunflower seeds.
  • Hemp seeds.
  • oat seeds.
What is the best bird food?  - Seeds

Dry food

He maintenance feed It is a clear protagonist when it comes to finding dry food for a parrot or a parrot. However, there are also alternatives like oats, wheat and dried fruitamong others, to provide your bird with the necessary nutrients, or to place in a feeder for free birds that visit your garden.

wet food

Wet food is also of vital importance when it comes to achieving a diet rich in nutrients and vitamins for lovebirds and other species. Likewise, there are other more affordable foods with these characteristics, such as fruits and vegetables. Depending on the species of bird, it will be necessary to consult the list of suitable fruits and vegetables. As a guide, we recommend the following article: “Fruits and vegetables for parrots”.

What is the best bird food?  - Moist foods

Grain, perfect for larger birds

If you live with a pigeon or several of this type visit your terrace, grains and seeds They are the best alternative to offer a balanced diet. Due to their granivorous nature, pigeons will appreciate these types of nutrients in their diet.

How to feed a bird

Now that you know what birds eat and what is the best bird food, it is normal for you to wonder what to consider when offering it. When feeding a bird, different factors must be considered. The first of them is the quality, since those products from Piumer, Avianvet, and other reference portals focus their efforts on improving the well-being of your new flying friend. Therefore, we recommend opting for better quality bird food and avoiding poorer foods.

A balanced and quality diet is the best alternative to keep your domestic bird healthy and healthy, or to feed wild birds without this being a problem for their health. But, although it may seem obvious, the food of a bird varies depending on its species, size and needs. Therefore, it is necessary to be clear about what the bird you intend to feed needs and how to feed it as best as possible. In the case of wild birds, it is also possible to find mixtures with a correct mix of various foods.

On many occasions, a varied diet composed of several of the previously described bird foods is the best option. For this, again, it is necessary to know the nutritional needs of the bird in question to set the percentages of each meal. For example, Australian parakeets should eat birdseed mixed with millet and oat seeds, mainly, supplemented with vegetables and fruits (only those suitable for them). The diet of lovebirds must be made up of 40% specific feed for these birds, 30% fruit and vegetables and 30% other foods such as sprouts or legumes.

Finally, it is important to highlight that, in the case of domestic birds, a correct diet is not the only thing that must be taken into account to offer a good quality of life. It is important to ensure that the bird has a environment adapted to all your needs and, above all, that he does not remain confined in a cage 24 hours a day. Birds need to fly and exercise, so the cage must be a refuge, a safe place, not their only space.

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