17 June 2023

white cat breeds

By Killian

white cat breeds

There are different breeds of white cats whose patterns can vary, as well as the type of fur, the physical appearance and their respective personalities. And it is that pure white cats are strange within the domestic cat population, since they have a gene that masks all possible patterns and colors in their genetic makeup.

White cats can be the result of a mix between breeds, but they can also be of natural origin. If you want to adopt a cat of this color, it is important that you know the different white breeds that exist to find out what their physical and behavioral characteristics are, so that they fit as much as possible to the kitty you are looking to foster. To discover the different white cat breeds that there is, in aHOWTO we recommend that you continue reading this article.

european shorthair

In 1983 it was officially recognized as a breed. The European Shorthair is the result of cross between a jungle cat and African wildcat. It is one of the strongest white cat breeds that exists thanks to its strong immune system, which allows it to easily adapt to any environment.

It is a cat strong, stout and robust, with a rounded and broad head. His hair is fine, short, shiny and soft in texture. As for his character, he is a feline independent, energetic, active and playful. She is wary of strangers, but is quick to show when she wants cuddles from his human family.

White cat breeds - European shorthair

american shorthair

It is an original cat from the United States, bred from other domestic cats from Europe. It’s about a stocky and muscular catwith a rounded and thick appearance that makes it look larger than it is.

Originally, it was developed to keep rodents and other vermin away from homes and farms. His fur is dense and thick, becoming longer during the winter. White is its common color, but its fur also features other colors such as red, cream, cameo, and blue.

The American shorthair is a friendly, calm, placid and very patient pet cat. She doesn’t require a lot of attention to feel good, but she also has no problem showing her love to any member of the family with displays of affection.

White Cat Breeds - American Shorthair


It is one of the older breeds of white cats, having records of specimens from the 16th century. These cats arrived in Italy from Asia and, in Italian territory, the first Persian cat breeding programs began.

It is a medium-sized and robust cat, with a weight that does not exceed 5 kilos. Its fur is dense, long and thick.. It has a round head, as well as its eyes, while the face is slightly flattened. It tends to be a calm animal, without requiring a lot of physical activity, but he also knows how to have fun, so he will run through all the rooms of the house when he wants to enjoy himself. However, his main hobby is taking a nap sunbathing and stretching next to his family.

White cat breeds - Persian

Devon Rex

It is a cat of British origin that has some large ears, small head and expressive oval eyes. It has a moderately muscular body, the fur is soft and curly, being sparse in some parts of the body, especially those that the cat can lick.

The Devon Rex is an active and energetic feline. Needs remarkable attention, wanting to impress their family references with recurring games. Seek the constant affection of the family and try to return it with tenderness and purrs.

White Cat Breeds - Devon Rex


Originally from Siberia (Russia), it is a cat known for its abundant fur It develops as it reaches maturity. It has a round head, the same shape as its ears and eyes. It has a robust build (it can weigh up to 9 kilos), but it is agile and has good hunting qualities.

The Siberian is a friendly, independent cat and is one of the few breeds of its species that enjoys water. He is very smart and able to carry out strategies to get what you wantsuch as purring sweetly or caressing their relatives.

White cat breeds - Siberian

Maine Coon

It is the only long-haired cat native to the United States. The Maine Coon is from medium size, elongated body and very long tail. It has a well-defined bone structure, just like its musculature. It has a large head and its ears are set high. His eyes are large, with a slight slit at the top. He fur is soft and densealthough it can be a little more rustic in the part of the abdomen.

this breed is sweet and docile, is usually linked with their relatives and they adapt to any environment without problems to do their physical routines. It requires enough space to exercise inside the home.

White cat breeds - Maine Coon


The oriental cat comes from Siamese cats that were excluded from the selective breeding program because they had solid color patterns that did not conform to the standard of the Siamese itself. The oriental has a graceful and elongated bodyHe is of medium size and his musculature is well proportioned. He fur is short and shinyadjusting perfectly to the body, although there is also a variant with long hair.

the eastern feline He is very intelligent, being able to learn to walk while being led on a leash. He seeks affection when he needs it and gives himself totally to his family, since he prefers to play with his human referents rather than remain abroad.

White Cat Breeds - Oriental

turkish van

It is a breed whose origins are found in the Lake Van region of Turkey. This breed is rare and has a predominantly white coat, but also colorful on the tail and head. Of medium size, its musculature is well defined. Has a triangular head, large bushy earsThe eyes are oval in shape and slightly sloping.

The coat of the Turkish Van is medium length, silky and soft. Head and tail colors are chestnut, rufous, and cream. These cats are very active and playful, but also too temperamental. Despite tolerating the presence of other cats well, they are dominant by nature and always want to impose their will.

White Cat Breeds - Turkish Van

turkish angora

Currently, the main place where this breed is bred is in Turkey, specifically in the Ankara Zoo. medium size, his body is long and slender. It is fine boned, its eyes slant slightly, and its ears are elongated. Regarding the fur, it is medium length and without an undercoatthus being easy to maintain.

The Turkish Angora has a temperament sweet and calm, despite the fact that in its genetics it has a wild influence. He is affectionate if he puts his mind to it, with a taste for play and, due to his easy-going attitude, he knows how to endear himself.

White cat breeds - Turkish Angora


It is probably the most aristocratic cat on this list. It is a Thai breed and was the favorite of the royal family of Siam, where it was a protection and companion animal for the king. His body is slender, elongated and muscular., with a wedged head that forms an almost perfect triangle with the ears. Her eyes expose an intense blue color and his walk is elegant and refined.

The Siamese is a compulsive meower, so it makes itself felt in a thousand ways to get what it wants. It shows faithful to his human family and easily sits on the lap of your favorite relatives to rest. She does not tolerate loneliness well, and can develop destructive behaviors if she is alone for a long time.

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White cat breeds - Siamese

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