14 July 2023

Why are flies so heavy?

By Killian

Why are flies so heavy?

Flies fly near your ears on a regular basis. They even settle on your arms over and over again, no matter how many times you try to get rid of them or what methods you use to get rid of them: they end up coming back one way or another. They are insects that always hover near the human being because it is part of his instinct, being very heavy in some cases.

One thing to keep in mind about flies is that they never stray more than 100 meters from their place of birth. For this reason, they spend a large part of their short life in one place and hence the feeling that you can sometimes have of having the presence of the same fly at all times. To discover why are flies so heavywhen they bother the most and the best remedies to drive them away, in oneHOWTO we recommend that you continue reading this article.

Why are flies so annoying?

One of the most annoying aspects of flies is the noise they generate with their flight. This noise depends on each species: for example, the black fly generates a very loud sound that you can hear meters away, especially if it bounces off every window and corner of the home.

On the other hand, house flies generate much less noise, but enough to bother you. house flies flap their wings up to 200 times per second while in flight. This flapping rhythm creates disturbances in the air that are perceived as disturbing by the hum.

Although flies make this annoying sound unintentionally, most flying insects use it as a method of communication and finding a mate. The main reason why you find the noise of the flies annoying is related to the brain.

your brain is always warning of possible dangers that they can stalk you. When a fly approaches you, you hear an unstable buzz and your brain focuses on it for fear that it might land on your food. Mentally, you know that you don’t like that and your brain reacts with the feeling that the noise of the insect bothers you.

Flies are always looking for food. They use a large amount of energy to fly. Furthermore, throughout their lives, they lay more than 2,000 eggs. They need a large amount of nutrients and protein. For all this, they fly constantly and, consequently, they are so annoying.

Why are flies so heavy - Why are flies so annoying

When are the flies heaviest?

You probably noticed that flies are heavier during the summer. These insects like warm places with the smell of decomposing substances, since they feed on them and the same happens with the larvae hatched from the eggs they lay.

He human being has an average body temperature of 36 degrees, so it gives off a heat around it that is attractive to flies. In addition, secretions of sweat, saliva, blood from wounds, tears and dead cells that can suffer decomposition are often found on the skin. All these factors are detected by flies and, due to this, they are more on top of you and your environment, being heavier.

The rain

In the moments before the rain, the flies have difficulty flying, which is why they remain perched anywhere, including the human body. This happens because when it is going to rain, the air pressure drops, that is, lower its density.

For this reason, insects such as flies displace a smaller amount of air with each wingbeat and it is difficult for them to maintain control of their air movements. When a downpour comes, moisture accumulates in the body of the fly and it makes it heavier, so it is normal that in these weather conditions they are heavier in the literal and figurative sense.

Why are flies so heavy - When are flies heaviest?

How to scare away flies

To get rid of these annoying and annoying insects, in aHOWTO we want to help you with remedies to repel flies. They are the following:

  • Traps with sugar, vinegar and water: It is a very effective mixture to repel flies. The liquid is introduced into a plastic bottle, cutting the container about 10 centimeters below the stopper and sealing it with adhesive tape after adding the prepared mixture.
  • Bags of water: you must fill clear plastic bags with water. You tie them with a rope and hang them on the ceilings, columns, shelves or door frames.
  • Fly repellent plants: Place aromatic plants in various rooms of the home that repel insects such as flies. This remedy will also help you refresh the environment. Some of these plants are citronella, bay leaf, basil, lavender, mint, and rosemary.
  • Lemons and cloves: You just have to cut lemons in half and add a few cloves to all the walls obtained from lemons. Place these halves by tables, shelves, windowsills, and countertops. The flies will not want to approach these areas.
  • Vinegar Vaporizer: you can attack flies using a vaporizer loaded with vinegar. It won’t help to eliminate them, but you will slow down their movements and it will be easier for you to kill them. It is a more ecological and economical alternative to insecticides.

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