11 July 2023

wrinkled dog breeds

By Killian

wrinkled dog breeds

Large, small, with a slender silhouette, very short legs, long hair… each breed of dog has its own characteristics and when it comes to choosing one as a pet, there are ones for all preferences. Although they all have their charm, without a doubt, among those that attract the most attention are dogs with marked wrinkles on their heads, faces, or even all over the fur that covers their bodies.

With those pronounced folds, some have a “good guy” face, others make us smile and there are also those who seem to be frowning. In any case, some of these animals are very little known, so in this oneHOWTO article we review the main wrinkled dog breedsto try to discover something more about them apart from their curious appearance.

shar pei

It is a breed of dog native to chinaAlthough there is also an American Shar Pei, which differs from the Asian in being somewhat smaller. Of stocky build and short coat, the Shar Pei is one of the champions when it comes to showing off wrinkles, since it presents them on the face and throughout the body, even on the legs. He has them as an adult and also when he is a puppy, something that makes it inevitable when he sees a Shar Pei puppy to want to hug him and cuddle him.

It’s a intelligent, docile, affectionate animal and despite his good-natured appearance, he is an excellent guardian of the house. At the care level, it is important to monitor the condition of their fur and skin, always checking that there are no traces of moisture in the folds of their wrinkles.


Mix of Bulldog and Mastiff, a bullmastiff is a sizable dog, easily recognizable by the marked folds that shape his entire face. Are docile, affectionate animals that love to play and exercise but they are also very protective, something that makes them good watchdogs.

Wrinkled Dog Breeds - Bullmastiff

Carlino or Pug

The pug is a small size dog which is most peculiar due to the expressiveness that his face seems to have marked by considerable wrinklesespecially around the muzzle and between the eyebrows, which make their lively little eyes take center stage.

Her fur it is usually between light brown, gray and silver and on his body there are no wrinkles. This cute little animal is affectionate and playful, but beware! He gets stressed easily if you don’t pay enough attention to him or if he is in an environment that is not very calm (he is not very compatible with very young children).


It is also known as saint humbert dog and it is one of the oldest dog breeds on the European continent. It is a fairly large dog, which can reach 70 cm in height and 50 kg in weightand presents its characteristic wrinkles on its face and head.

To the striking folds we must add its long ears and those drooping eyelids that give it a sad appearance that makes you want to run to caress and pamper it. Its extraordinary sense of smell has made the Bloodhound one of the dog breeds traditionally used in hunting.

Wrinkled Dog Breeds - Bloodhound

Neapolitan mastiff

Like the rest of mastiffs, this breed corresponds to a big corpulent dog but, in this case, in addition, the infinite wrinkles on its face reveal that it is a Neapolitan mastiff. Of calm and loyal character, the folds of their skin are concentrated on the neck, head and face, around the muzzle, causing the cheeks and dewlaps to droop. Both puppies and adults wrinkles are part of these animals short, bushy and very soft fur.

french bulldog

He french bulldog It is not a very large dog but it has a robust constitution and it must be included among the dogs wrinkled by the unmistakable folds which it presents above all on its face, around its black muzzle and also on its neck.

The flat nose, big eyes and small ears and pointy give it a certain air of a friendly bat but, in reality, they make excellent pets, being very sociable, affectionate and calm dogs.

Discover how is the temperament of the French bulldog.

Wrinkled Dog Breeds - French Bulldog

Dogue de Bordeaux

Despite the fact that their appearance can impose some fear, due to their strong complexion and because the wrinkles on their face sometimes give these animals look of little friendsThe Dogue de Bordeaux is an excellent companion and also a great watchdog. Both puppies and adults have wrinkles mainly on the face and on his head, which is usually of considerable size. Strength, intelligence and nobility define this breed of wrinkled dog.

English bulldog

It is one of the most popular wrinkled dog breeds and, like the French bulldog, the folds are concentrated mainly on the head and on the neck, although they may also have some on the back or even on the legs. Medium-sized and good-natured in appearance, bulldogs are very homely dogs and somewhat stubborn when you don’t feel like doing something. To their wrinkles we must add the sides of their snout, which hang down giving them a nice grumpy look, especially if their lower jaw rides with the upper jaw and some fangs end up sticking out.

Wrinkled Dog Breeds - English Bulldog


The Pekingese is a small, long-haired dog that was very popular as a pet a few years ago. It can also be included among wrinkled dog breeds because one of its main characteristics is the curious fold that it presents under the eyes and just above the snout, giving its muzzle that particular aspect very wide, somewhat flat and also wrinkled.

As for his character, he is a generally calm dog although he can get stressed easily. He is also quite suspicious of strangers, something that makes him seem unfriendly when in reality it is pure shyness.

chow chow

We end our list with a absolutely loving dog reminiscent of a small stuffed lion. The Chow Chow breed, also from China, stands out for its spectacular coat in which folds can be seen, especially in the face and head area. The small ears and the surprising tongue with the presence of blue pigments, are typical characteristics of this breed of animals with a marked territorial character and protector of their home, affectionate and faithful to their masters.

Now that you know the different wrinkled dog breeds, get to know the flat dog breeds.

Wrinkled Dog Breeds - Chow Chow

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